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Gentle for sensitive skin, while free from artificial sin!

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I love banana and pineapple muffins, they never last very long around here, even fussy miss 5 loves them!

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I love all the prizes. but if I had to choose a prize it would be the planter, I really want to start a little kitchen herb garden :)

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Although exciting to pick up Dad,
the long trip there drives the kids mad!
Snacks and drinks don't do a thing,
they're grumpy that they're stuck, strapped in!
An iPad would create some fun,
while travelling the airport run!

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Great giveaway, fingers crossed!

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Oh I just love these vases!
They would be perfect for all the little flowers my kids pick for me and they remind me of the old milk bottles my Grandad used to have in his house :)

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I think you do a fantastic job and everything's always marked clearly if it's sponsored or you've received products to review. I feel that sponsored is different to receiving things to review, in my mind sponsored means you have received money and are encouraged to focus more on the good aspects of a product, where as when you receive products it's to try them and give readers your honest opinion, good or bad.
If I'm looking to buy something I find these posts handy to see how they measure up practically before I waste my money. I also think it's great that you can make a bit of extra money, I'm in the same boat with my partner working away and me not being able to work around the kids, I can understand how handy this little extra income could be!

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It's different for each of the kids and also depends on the length of the trip.
For the short trips they're usually happy with a toy each and a drink, although my 5 year old seems to think she needs to pack a bag for even a 5 minute trip! If it's dark, forget about going anywhere without her pillow and sheet, in case she ' needs a rest' haha.
On the shorter trips they're usually pretty good to entertain each other, 5 year old singing, 2 year old telling her "Shhhh Fiffy (Missy), no more", they both talk to the baby and pull silly faces at her, so she's kept happy and giggling the whole time.

Airport trips to pick up my partner are a bit more of a challenge, it's a 3 - 3.5 hour trip, so I have to go in with a plan of attack. Snacks and drinks for all, a toy stash on the front and back seats so Miss 5 and I can take turns passing toys to Mr 2 and the baby as they drop them. Miss 5 will take her DVD player (make sure it's fully charged or you'll never hear the end of it!). She also likes to ask Mummy 3000 questions about every little thing she sees (That thing over there, behind the other thing, next to the blue thing. You see it right? Mummy you're not looking, you missed it now!) and every possible scenario she can think up. Also "Are we in Perth yet?" starts about 2 minutes in to the trip. These questions usually make up about 80% of the drive, at least on the way back half of them are for Daddy!
My 2 year old alternates between toys, my phone and trying to escape his car seat, telling me "stuck". He hates these trips and usually halfway back he's had enough and nothing will keep him entertained, he just wants out. I made the mistake before of stopping for 5 so he could stretch his legs, after this little taste of freedom he DID NOT want back in! We then spent 15 minutes in a carpark playing the 'get the stiff as a board, screaming toddler to bend into the car seat' game!
Thankfully my baby girl is quite content to play with her toys, have a drink and sleep for most of the trip.
The last couple of trips I've left the older 2 at my Mum's while the baby and I go, I find they're much happier to see Daddy when it doesn't involve the long drive and Daddy's much happier to come home to smiling faces!

What a great giveaway! I would love one of these, it would be perfect for my baby girl, she's almost ready for forward facing and although her seat has served all my kids well, the buckle is starting to get hard to clip/unclip, I think it's time for a new one!

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I already follow you by email and on twitter and like you on facebook :)
I love these straws, so does my daughter, I had completely forgotten about them! My 2 year old has never tried them, I would love to see the look on his face when his straw makes his milk flavoured :)

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Haha so I do :) I've seen a few people around with the same name, all fantastic I'm sure! I'm not married, so it's my maiden name too, who knows, we could be distant relatives somehow!