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I so agree Ruthie, I think very few people teach their children to be thankful, it's just not the whole ethos in the world today, it's I want/expect/need instead of oh wow, aren't I blessed to have.

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How's Captain Buttercup liking his new night time des res? Is he making it awkward to put him in or has he been too sleepy to notice?

Hope he is being co-operative and that he keeps his crowing to a minimum, for now at least!

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Beautiful poem hun, the comp doesn't read it as well as you! The English teacher was only pointing out yesterday that poems are mostly designed to be listened to :o)

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the other morning .... oh yes .... I set three alarms on my mobile, with the alarm clock across the room set to go off after the first one ... Thursday I think it was ... the siren alarm got repeated!!!

Snuggling under the duvet, even by oneself, such a yummy feeling :o)

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Keep the memories flowing, perhaps sharing some of them with her family will help them and you. May she find peace and joy as she continues her journey.

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aw bless, big grin on my face too :o)

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mmmmmmmmm that cake was delicious Spicy :o)

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So Buttercup is almost definitely a 'he' then ... shame that but glad you're keeping him :o)

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My main reaction is aghast horror that they're telling us who the next doctor is going to be at all!

We are SO not supposed to find out who it is until we watch him regenerate in the next series!!!!!!!!

As for any and all morons who are dissing Matt Smith before he's even chosen his outfit, never mind actual seen him in character ... well ... I think it's all been said :o)

... but I do think he looks like he'll fit in fine, especially if he keeps to that darker look as in the above photo ;o)

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Happy Solstice Andy, isn't it lovely being up and out at that time of day :o) Not that it's something I'm planning on doing every day but I do love being out there listening to the birds while it is still dark.