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I would like to see a similar poll on Saudi Arabia. The left are the biggest Saudiphobes in the world and frequently abuse and insult Bin Salman which is utterly Saudiphobic.

I would hope the Tories would be proud to stand with Saud, against the far left witchunt and bullying.

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Time to offshore the jobs. Leciester needs to grow up and embrace global free markets.

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Agreed. Much of the rhetoric against China and for that matter Saudi Arabia is far left dreck.

It is not our business what these countries get up to. Our business is to make money.

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Keir Starmer is simply Corbyn with a better suit and better haircut.

He has nothing to offer the electorate and is trying to balance the demands of extreme left unionised bootneck communist militants, London luvvies, left wing provincial city dwellers and floating lib dems.

His cautious playbook appeals to the public sector job for life or trade union militants who think they should not have to face customers or the general public, yet still get paid for their jobs - whether it is empty trains filled with overpaid rail staff, or NEU militants teaching two or three kids of nurses or postmen or posting a few videos online and calling it "teaching". Or indeed the police who seem to have become litle more than the scaremongering bootboys of the "pro-Lockdown Brigade". Not to mention the cabal of doctors scaremongering the public who have every right to go out and enjoy life.

Privatisation is needed urgently I fear to finaly break the shackles of this moribund thinking.

Meanwhile the rest of society who don't have the public sector or trade union cushions are welcoming loosening restrictions and pleased to see crowds out and about. The negative reception towards the foul mouthed Scots and Devonians holding up abusive signs against tourists is heartening. Britain is open and we need to get the economy open and scrap distancing as quickly as possible.

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Cummings has done nothing wrong.

The real enemies are the rail and teaching unions. These are the people causing danger to society.

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Get G4S in and scrap the useless police.

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Grayling is bullied continually by the far left Labour party and the extremist unionised rail staff.

Do not fall for their lies and abuse.

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So in other words the public are duped by the same conspiracy theories that the far left are. The "hidden agenda" one is classic anti-semitism.

Other than the vile attacks on Grayling, I find the media largely balanced bar the leftist papers and a few topics (Saudi Arabia for example - which is bullied horribly).

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Labour's bigotry is not confined to Judeo-Christian views but Labour also continue to attack Saudi Arabia and Scientology. Sadly in the liberal media, both are treated as pariahs so these attacks are rarely questioned. But it sums the party up.

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Except it is a mainstream centrist viewpoint. Much of our infrastructure and public services are run by foreign governments, and the policy has been backed by much of Blair's government, Cameron's & Cleggs's and now May.

The extreme positions are that taken by Corbyn, the Greens or extreme nationalists in UKIP, who are advocating variants of Trumpian economic nationalism and virtue signalling and / or expressing Islamaphobia over deals with Saudi Arabia / Qatar and similar.