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Albany TP here. The Ron Paul guys started coming in at the 2nd rally with a table to sign up for the campaign for liberty. Bothered the crap out of me as most of us weren't in for any particular candidates and didn't want to be pitched to. People like us have been pushed out of participating in TP events in a lot of cases because we really just didn't want to deal with it. On my own path of activism now.
By the way, The bulk of us barely even knew who the heck RP was when I began participating. He was NOT the initiator - at least not here in NY.

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And as a HS grad in Augusta, right column near bottom:

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Austin Thompson mention on alternet:

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Dylan tweet from here today:
"DylanRatigan: .@AmpedStatus and @WilliamKBlack debate politicians hooking on to the #OWS: #occupywallst"
All three - Ratigan/Degraw/Black - mentioned here (link from tweet) are in the same email string from the leaked emails here:
from "dylanratigan wrote" to the bottom.

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David Degraw was somewhere in the excel document talking about not wanting Soros to speak at OWS
"On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:01 PM, David DeGraw <> wrote:
if Soros speaks at the park or in support of us, we are finished. i have
over 500 emails from people complaining about Soros. he is very devise. if
you guys don't agree, and he shows at the park, we will have to go into all
out PR mode to make sure people know that anyone can just show up and speak."