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Heyy VKBurgerKing have no fear the Bay Area Buff is here. With the MBA completed and the new job helping with the tax revenue to pay for your trailer after your failed stock market bets I've got plenty of time to chat with you ole (very, very old) buddy. I'm in shock your thoughts still seem so sharp what with your age creeping up there close to your body temperature, apparently that government cheese doesn't have as much lead in it as was once considered,

Your boii will be at the Giants-Doyers game tonight and will this miss what looks like a pretty scary matchup, but at least there will be some good beer on tap for those in attendance. Too bad your government debit card can't be used on any tickets BK! Go Buffs!

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I can see how it would be difficult to figure out, for a 6 year old.

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I love me some Coach Boyle

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Hmm. That's like saying Duke and Sac St have offered in basketball.......

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Nothing makes a writer or tv analyst look more ignorant than when they say "When you've lost ___ in a row you should make ___ decision.

The win loss record has ZERO to do with a specific decision. It is a cost/benefit analysis. There are advanced metrics to measure these things. Going for a touchdown, with that offense, on 4th and goal might make sense from the 1 yd line, but not the 4.

Two bad decisions. Mac is mad because he knows he F'd up, twice.

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There is nothing "2" about Booker. At 6'5 I'll have Hopkins in there all day over AB. Booker normal line 3/14 with 5 turnovers. Look at his stats, stats don't lie.

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Yea you don't get any revenue for a road game in your little world haha. Fresno St was just doing it to make money for CU. DUMB!

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Nobody cares about your dumb scheduling ideas. Why would SDSU or SJSU agree to change their sched to come play at elevation against a Pac12 team.

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While family is extremely important, my guess is these young men will end up regretting this decision. You have a very short shelf life as a football player and these guys are now straying off the path of success into the unknown. I wish them the best but I think they would have been better off as members of the Team and University. Seems to me they are taking the easy way out which rarely works in life.

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Now that VK's trailer park lost its internet access I can make my much anticipated return.

I see no way that PD made this decision. This was Benson all the way. You can tell by the timing. A dummy like Bruce Bruce sees things in an academic school year calendar. Hence fire at the end of the year.

I'll decide how I feel about this when I see who they hire. Right now I think it stinks.