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As nifty as that picture is, the photographer who took it turns out to be quite an interesting read, a very inventive turn-of-the-century type with successes in buggy wheels, photography and balooning. That picture was taken with a 49 pound camera attached to a kite.

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I have not, in fact, ever seen Top Gun; but the list of must-see movies I never saw even when movie theaters were cheap is long.

I did work for The Mythbusters, though, and one of the nifty aspects of that job was working in Jamie Hyneman's shop. He was a special effects guy before there were Mythbusters, in the age of animatronics and model building, and his shop was a museum of projects from both Mythbusters and Jamie's previous career.

One of them was a shot-up Tomcat being pursued up the wall by what I presume to be The Bad Guy's plane (MIG?) from the movie Top Gun. Other things included the proverbial Giant Peach, and some creepy Mugwumps from The Naked Lunch. (Let's see if I still have my image imbed on Intense Debate chops..)

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"No damned Sunshine, No damned Skyway."
-Newton Hoenikker

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My infallible mentor Zogg From Betelgeuse informs me that the2-D virtual universe of Auto Racing was actually a torus, not a tube (cylinder). But that doesn't leave room for as good a joke.

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Easter! "Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb", The Pilgrim Travelers, early Lou Rawls band.

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Off Topic: Atomic-Toasters!; Atomic-Toasters... sing it with me!

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It is kind of mind boggling that some of our old electro-mechanical devices worked as well as they did; like you say about the VHS cassette.
I only recently learned the old IBM magnetic tape data readers actually vacuumed out a loop of tape (how long I don't know) and could inch it past the heads back and forth more rapidly and accurately than if it was held in tension between the reels. That was a 'buffer'.

Also, even growing up in the '70s and '80s we never had a color T.V., never mind a VCR or Cable. Hence, I'm not much of a movie buff (or video gamer). Mom 'n' dad got those things after we all moved out.

My two favorite bars always have some hand picked movie playing, and they're heavy on the sci-fi and horror genres. You can count on walking in in the middle of The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak or Maximum Overdrive at least once a month.

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Links or it didn't happen.

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...aaand now it's back. Nothing to see here.

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No comment.