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I keep one of these by my pillow at all times. I can't explain why, but it really helps.

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Aside from my "always-on" Rainbow Dash tail wallet, I sometimes wear my WeLoveFine Mare Power shirt. Also, since my school requires ID cards, I got myself a Mane 6 + Derpy lanyard.

I love the looks I get when I combine the lanyard and my Slipknot shirt.

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Doors zoom into the screen in the dreamscape
I remember this scene from The Matrix

Please tell me I'm not the only one who did.

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As sad as it is, I quite literally owe my life to 4chan. The first person to tell me about the show had gotten it directly from 4chan, and brought it to a very depressed (and 3 years younger) me. When rough times were had, I knew that the MLP board would always be there.

Good luck, Moot.

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6'1, anorexic freshman with an anxiety disorder here.

AFK, I've been chased by the football players, stereotypical high school jocks. Got called a pedophile (IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS) last year. Usually, just threats of bodily harm. They don't scare me, though. It helps being taller than a good amount of the seniors. No weapons or anything.

Online, I'll get the occasional empty threat. I've stacked up a lot over the last three years (Tomorrow will be my three year EXACTLY anniversary as a fan), but none to speak of recently.

Overall, I really don't have it that bad. However, I really feel for the people that do.

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Maybe you would learn how to grow wings, THEN fly.

But you have to be flying to do it, unless you read regularly, which would make the whole thing redundant.

I'm confused ._.

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Well, Party of One was "banned" from airing in Canada, and probably still is. Long, straight-haired Pinkie acting disturbing = Canadian ratings drop.

The American (and apparently Russian) ratings would probably more than balance it out, though. I'd very much love to see it come back, that depressed, straight up psychotic fandom-defined side of Pinkie is what makes her so unpredictable when she's upset.

Of course, I always love to see the ponies happy. Reminds me of who I used to be, not dealing with depression. Pinkie is the one who I relate to the most. Borderline Personality Disorder (or BPD) is what caused Pinkie to immediately jump to the worst-case scenario in Party of One. It can also make people jump to the best-case scenario. Here's some examples:
"That guy said 'Hi' to me! He likes me! We're going to be the best friends ever! We're going to hang out all the time! I can't wait!"
"He told me he was busy. He's lying. I know it. He hates me. Everyone hates me. I should just kill myself already. All I do is piss people off."
Do those sentences remind you of anyone? Some guy did a psychology analysis on all of the mane 6 a while back. Pinkie Pie has BPD. After reading the analysis (which I will provide a link for at the end), I decided to be checked out by a psychiatrist. Sure enough, I have BPD as well.

Seeing that depressed side of pinkie, I think, sort of helps me cope. I know that someone whom I (in a way) look up to shares the same problems.

Here is the aforementioned link:

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Socks always make everything better. They add to adorableness, contribute to coziness, and keep you warm.
Add that to ponies and you're golden.

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Or the animatic for season 5 not having him in it.
Or ponies cheering at him being put down like a dog. It ends with his death any way you slice it. Let's just hope no one loses their heads over this. Otherwise, I'll certainly face Grim Reaper-cussions.