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I'm guessing no one remembers Harvest Moon anymore.

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Let me sum up today's comments.
Blah blah blah, Goddamn Bronies, FLAMEWAR, Bronies are alright, yadda yadda, Fix the forums Shawn, and images that would have been better submissions.

Oh, and a comment actually about Red Dead Redemption.

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I know this has nothing to do with what you said, but how do I pronounce your screen name?

I mean, is it 'Die-Crow', 'Dike-row', 'Dick-row' or what?

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This better not mean that there won't be a Borderlands 3.

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The last thing we all needed was to be reminded of Dicklet.

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For over two years, I have visited Halolz. For three, I have been a fan of Borderlands. I joined Halolz when Shawn posted a picture of Viewtiful Joe as Captain Falcon. Over the course of my journey, many tears were shed, manly and not-so-manly.

But nothing, NOTHING, makes me happier than seeing this Borderlands post.

I will shed no tears. I will not even smile. The only thing left to do is dance.

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I'm assuming this is for the wrong post, or there's some features of Diablo III that I don't know about. Then again, I don't know anything since I never got a chance to play!

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We are building a consensus. Please try again later.

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While I was watching this, my iTunes updater popped up, blocking my view.

I think it was trying to save me.

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Is... is this the part where I'm supposed to laugh?