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I see Celestia's castle... But no sign of the moon. Lack of Luna representation, Celestia bias!

Neutral my ass!

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You're taking this shit WAY too seriously...

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The problem with your attitude here is the problem with most pirates. You're talking about how it did this and that for the PRODUCERS, but they aren't the ones who suffer the most. Not at all. And they never are. You're actually pissing on the smaller guys trying to do their job since they're the ones who get cut out of getting paid the most.

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And not everyone (most) don't think everything about MLP is great. Many think that the previous generations were pretty bad. You insist that everyone accepts your negative opinion on the subject while refusing to accept everyone else's.

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Personally I'm MORE excited for this project now! Sure the ponies beating the hell out of eachother was funny and cool for the irony of it, but I'm still more of a gamer than a brony and seeing a big name like Lauren working on a volunteer game project is pretty damn amazing. Less humorous, but far more interesting and exciting.

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Re-read my comment. Part number 2 in particular. Just because that's when the episode was written doesn't meant anybody outside Hasbro knew about it yet.

And it can take a couple years or more. That should be obvious considering our current situation with MLP: It's taken over a couple years to make high-end mass production plushies. (And they aren't even quite here yet)

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Don't put words in my mouth. I didn't harp on the subject and in no way did I refer to anything as "dirty money". And it isn't according to MY logic, it's according to copyright law. I didn't write it. And yes, that IS why Hasbro lets it slide and ignored it, which we should be thankful for. There are unfortunate cases where someone gets too big and Hasbro steps in though. :/

My point was only that while such shutdowns are unfortunate, not too much sympathy should be used since it IS a blatant copyright violation to begin with. If you get away with it, cool. Otherwise, oh well.

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At the risk of sounding like a bit of an ass, in the end they're making money illegally (sorry, but it is) off of someone else's IP, so I can't say I have a ton of sympathy. But in any case as already pointed out, there's not only a certain charm to hand-made things but also a single custom job can be a lot more specialized than factory made goods such as this.

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1) Why would the episode's written date actually matter all that much? We didn't know about it until just very recently and it's most likely neither did this company.

2) Well you think wrong. Designing something suitable for mass production is an entirely different ballgame, which is why this is the first really NICE plushie to come around.

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At what point in the show was she equal to the others? EVERY moment, from the very first episode, set Twilight above the others.