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Verbal diarrhea at its finest!

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You're the kind of person who says 'yo' in every other sentence aren't you? I think that is enough to prove that you are just another feeble minded simp that is indicative of the followers of democratic party, well that and the phrase 'up in here'. I say followers because lets face it, you're probably too stupid to lead yourself out of a wet paper bag. The leadership of the democratic party is the party, and people like you are there subjects. That is how they see you, as pawns to be used, i.e. 'useful idiots',to be lulled to sleep while they steal your freedom. But what do you care, right? You're too busy with playing your video games and smoking your blunts, send mom out for more funyuns ...and making a general fool of yourself on the web. But you haven't really thought it through have you? If the democratic party gets what they want and implements their 'green' agenda there will be no electricity for video games, no money for your weed and damn sure no gas for your moms car which mean no more funyuns. Then who will you blame? The only real consolation people like me have is that most likely you are too lazy and stupid to vote, and for that I thank you.

12 years ago @ - O'Reilly Producer Cras... · 1 reply · +4 points there any other sport out there that screams 'I'm a rich douche bag' as much as polo?

(nothing against the rich, just the rich douche bags...........and polo enthusiasts) ;P


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I never said I supported homosexuality, I in fact do not condone it at all. What I do believe is that God gave us freedom of choice and that is exactly what this nation was founded on, the freedom to choose your own path. You can't legislate morality, because the government has no soul. Laws have nothing to do with right and wrong or justice(case in point abortion is legal), they are their to maintain the political structure and the social contract. My point was only that the government should not be concerned with defining something that is totally none of it business. Likewise they have no business deciding who you want on your health insurance or who receives healthcare benefits at all. That is between you and your healthcare provider and nobody else.

Government must be the same relationship with the church that the human body shares with the soul. In one physical state but distinctly separate, each playing a vital role even overlapping in small ways, resulting in the thing that is 'man'. The physical body minus the soul is simply a beast dictated by impulses of the flesh, but when the soul is added morality, conscience, etcetera, becomes part of the scenario. The government deals with the physical realm, like the body. It prevents people from hurting one another, offering physical and fiscal protections and dealing out physical of financial penalties where applicable. The church deal with the morality. Now the over lap, stealing is morally wrong but, it is a physical act that results in quantitative damage. On the other hand adultery is morally wrong but it's damage is qualitative, no money was stolen and no one was physically harmed, the damage is purely emotional.

wow sorry for the long reply.... I really got on a tear. lol

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Wonderful, you can be not funny there too!

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Ok, marriage is a religious concept, i.e. born out of religion, and not a concept created by government. So if we subscribe to the belief that there must be a division between church and state, then how could it be the prerogative of government to change or indeed even acknowledge marriage in any capacity? Even when it comes to taxes there should be no consideration in regards to any union or partnership that any individual would or could be a party to.

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Absolutely Stunning!

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SSHHHHHH....I see white people.

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So you keep coming back for more? Silly homo.......

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it is amazing to me that you 'informed people' apparently missed the fact that I did not assign blame to any of the cops in this video at all in my 'rant'. My words were, "Cops who this manner...". I did not say THESE cops. Please read a little slower to make sure you get whole point of each sentence.