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Our Tea Party in Greensboro, NC is right next to the Police Station so we are covered. But I must say this, so far so good. These lefties KNOW they are outnumbered and are WHIMPS at heart. They know we can KICK THEIR BUTTS easily so they won't attend if they know what's good for them.

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I don't necessarily agree with your assumption that anyone that owes back taxes is a "piece of crap"! We owe back taxes simply due to a mistake and we agreed to a Wage Garnishment because we could not pay the lump sum. It was an honest mistake having to do with an old 401K withdrawal and we "thought" we had our bases covered.

I AM NOT A PIECE OF CRAP! Some people just don't think before they speak! I have done my taxes for over 30 years with no problems until this 401K issue and you would use that and say I could not hold a seat for 2 years?? Give me a break!

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What concerns me about HR 1388 is locked up in:

H.Amdt 49 to H.R. 1388 Prohibits Organizations From Influencing… Legislation, Protesting or Petitioning.


Section 125 (42 U.S.C. 12575) is amended to read as follows: `SEC. 125. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES AND INELIGIBLE ORGANIZATIONS.


What part of "volunteer" do these people NOT understand? Is it the fact they have NEVER done it? Sheesh!

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City: Greensboro, NC
When: April 15, 12-1pm
Where: Governmental Plaza in downtown Greensboro, near the Courthouse
Other Info: <a href="" target="_blank">

Go to that website to volunteer! Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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I went to the site you listed and looked at the guestbook and I have a few concerns about it. First Name and State, maybe city should be all that is displayed. I don't want my full name and email address made public on the internet. I get enough spam mail now as it is. If you can get it to support the privacy needed, I will consider signing it but not before.

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I will reply to you only once bwashi. May God help you and your family when the food supply dries completely up and Obama lets you sit there and starve to death because HR 875 got passed through the Senate! May God help you when there are NO jobs left except Government jobs just like it was during FDR because Obama didn't help struggling businesses, ONLY Government projects!

Oh yeah, he's putting America on the right track for sure!

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the defend it against ALL enemies, foreign AND "domestic".....NOT the President of the US!!! And.......Jesus Christ is MY Lord and Savior NOT Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama!


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The next time they pull something like this we REALLY need to be watching what BILLS are on the floor in the House and/or the Senate. It's all about smoke and mirrors!

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There are too many to count that need to be IMPEACHED! I never thought I would see the day when our government was SO Corrupt that it was actually STEALING people's RIGHTS from them RIGHT UNDER THEIR SILLY NOSES!

The sleeping giant AWAKES!!! Talk to people every day! Talk to people in the check out lines. Talk to people while you're pumping gas. Talk to family every day! But MOST OF ALL TALK to YOUR representatives! Use your phone, your fax, your computer but GIT ER DONE!

Be informed! Join some of these new websites that have volunteer researchers that go out on the net every day and search for news articles on key words. Then they post up what they find so all their members know what is going on. Sign up at and start tracking these HORRENDOUS bills these IDIOTS are trying to get passed.

Ok that's my rant for today, lol. I feel better now, smile.

Try out . We would love to have you join us!

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Greensboro NC - Tax Day Tea Party - April 15, 2009 from 12-1pm @ Governmental Plaza in downtown Greensboro, near the Courthouse.

Get the details at and feel free to volunteer to help!

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This bill PASSED the House with 87 Republican Votes! I am FUMING! I have the original page saved from where Obama's Agenda used the word "require" for his description of this very Act! Remember that word got out about it so they changed it. Well guess what, the language got changed BACK under cover of night. READ IT!

So the AIG DISTRACTION tactic was to keep people from noticing what bills are being worked on people. Next time we will KNOW and be watching even MORE closely!

We need to get flaming on the emails, phone calls and faxes to STOP this bill DEAD IN IT'S TRACKS in the Senate!