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I am so glad the girls are free. I heard that the condition for their release was Bill Clinton. He did not look too pleased when standing next to the dictator who was smiling. If this was my daughter I would want everything done to get her release. I wonder what they gave Clinton to do this. Maybe the news media will find out as this concerns the ever popular Bill Clinton. Should be interesting!!

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It really does my heart good to see so many of you going to DC on Sept. I wish I could join you but I take care of my severely handicapped husband who cannot be left alone. Everyone have a good time and be sure to take in some of the sites while your there especially if you have kids. My husband and I have been to DC many times and we have four grown children and when they were young we spent 10 days in DC. seeing all the sites. This was in the 80ts and all my kids still speak of their time in DC. We had a pop-up tent camper so they always had a good time at camp after site seeing. We even marched in the anti abortion rallies. My kids really enjoyed all their trips to DC. I hope your kids also have a great time!!

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Clinton has the gift of talk and charm. I just wonder if he can pull this off. He has more of a chance than Al gore the dish rag. For the sake of the girls I hope he is successful. I however don't think the powers in NK will fall for his charm. I know a lot of us didn't fall for slick billy when he was president. I think Al Gore was instramental in sending Bill intead of the secretary of state who is the one who should be doing this. Oh well when is anything done right now-a-days.

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I wish I could be there!! I have a handicapped husband who cannot be left alone. I am praying that this Tea Party is huge. I have a sister who lives in the area so I could have had all I needed to join your march. I have been in DC before and marched with my children. We marched in the 80ts for anti abortion rallies. I have spoke before on 9-12 about this and encouraged families with children to attend as children love to march and see the things DC has to offer. My kids have seen everything in DC except the Roosevelt memorial and the spy museum. They are new and that's why. Good Luck!!

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I could have told everyone that they were going to raise all our taxes to carry out their agenda. They say they are going to pay on the deficit. If you believe that I have another bridge to sell you. They are tax and spend Dems. It's all they know how to do. Can you just see it. Cap&tax along with healthcare and to beat inflation on top of all of it. We are in a real pickle if that CAP&TAX and OBAMACARE pass. I know everyone is working hard to try and stop all of this. The Blue Dogs are the only ones that can stop this. Their are not enough stop them. I hope anyone able to get to DC for the Sept.12th Tea Party goes and marches on all of them. I am praying for 1 million people just like the Million Man march a few years back. Good luck DC Tea Party!!

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I am very concerned about not only talk radio but also Fox news. We just need to look to all the dictators in the world to see our fate unless this country wakes up and stops this very soon. I saw the town hall meetings and many people are telling the reps what they think and they are booing the answers that the reps are giving. This to me is a good sign. I hope these reps do what the people want and not what Fancy Nancy wants.

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I am a lucky person as I do not have to worry about my rep. I even live in NY. My rep will not vote for the OBAMACRE or the CAP&TAX. His name is Chris Lee and this is his 1st term. He sends a weekly email and has town hall meetings from DC over the phone and a lot of us are on the phone line and we ask questions and he answers them. I however have 2 senators who are absolutly the exact opposite of Chris Lee. They are Schumer and Gillibrand. They will vote for both of these awful things and they do not care about WE THE PEOPLE. They don't come to Western NY unless it's for a fundraiser. They do not answer emails nor do they do town hall meetings either on the phone or at a town hall. I hope we boot Gillibrand out of office in 2010. She took dead beat clinton's place.

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Hi plowboy-look to the first topic on our page today. The Watchdog. Glen will be reading what you write. He should look into this matter for you. Maybe this is a good place to look. Good Luck!!

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I will try to work on Gillibrand to stop the OBAMACARE. She probably won't show her face around here but I will email her every day. Schumer is a lost cause and neither has shown their face around here for quite awhile and when they do ir's for a fund raiser among friendly faces. They never have a town hall here as there is a lot of people here that would read them the riot act. Our best bet here is to try to vote these two out of office as soon as possible. Gillibrand should be a lot easier than Schumer and she is up for election in 2012. Good Luck everyone

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I certainly hope that the people that have Blue dogs will be demostrating outside their offices during the break. I am also hoping that the people that have Gillibrand's and Schumer offices in their area make sure they see how upset the people are about this healthcare plan. We all have to work on the house and senate members that are going to vote for this mess. We have a small chance with Gillibrand as she is up for election. She was appointed by the governor to fill Clinton's place and I believe her to be in danger of losing her seat. She may listen to the people. Schumer is a lost cause. We have an up hill battle in NY. so I know most of you will have better luck with your representatives. God help us with this!!