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1-2 weeks before the parting of the Red Sea...I am a beast. I am sad. I make bad decisions. I stay in bed and cry and eat. This month my cravings have been grapes. I have been paying damn near 10.00 for 5 pounds of grapes. I believe that Mama Nay truly hates me before my cycle. During my cycle I am fine and the week after I am on cloud nine. I have PMDD, but the medication they want to put me on, YAZ, is known for killing women so I will just deal with the mood swings and try not to hurt the innocent. The older I get the heavier and longer my cycle lasts which is some bullish. This month it was 7 WHOLE days...I feel like Toni Braxton. [youtube itjZzYplQSI youtube]

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Nerdy, Loving, Horny

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And please don't get me started on the straight up ignorance I have seen on my FB timeline from some whites. I feel that I will be deleting ignorant folks very quickly. You never know the real racists until it's too late.

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I have a nine year old who does not fully understand the impact of a "not guilty" verdict has and will forever have concerning the lives of black males in America.

I remember having to have "the talk" with him about how to "be a black man in America" after Trayvon's murder. No mother should have to warn her son about the dangers of being black in America, but unfortunately I did and I will have to continue to teach him how to be black and safe in this country. I am very sad about this.


Hopefully I can contain my anger to just this one post. How is it possible for a man who followed a 16 year old "suspicious" teen and AGAINST the advice of the POLICE continued to follow him, and in the end shoots this child armed with only a package of skittles and Arizona Iced Tea get off completely??

I need for people to think for a is late at night, you are a teen trying to get home, and some stranger is following you...what would you do? If anyone who should have been able to use Stand Your Ground should have been Trayvon because HE was being followed. BUT because he was a black male walking at's hunting season and he is subject to be profiled and killed. I am sorry that Zimmerman got his assed whooped by this teen, but if someone was following you at night I would think that you would have the right to protect yourself. He was being targeted and the man responsible for his murder is now free to walk this earth while that child will never get the chance to graduate, go to college, get a job, get married, have children...he is DEAD.

This is yet another example of Amerikkkan Justice.

"Marissa Alexander had never been arrested before she fired a bullet at a wall one day in 2010 to scare off her husband when she felt he was threatening her. Nobody got hurt, but this month a northeast Florida judge was bound by state law to sentence her to 20 years in prison.

Alexander, a [BLACK] 31-year-old mother of a toddler and 11-year-old twins, knew it was coming. She had claimed self-defense, tried to invoke Florida's "stand your ground" law...." (source:

The more all of this injustice sinks the more angry I become. I pray that the Martin family civilly sue the hell out of Zimmerman. They deserve some justice when Florida denied them judicial justice.

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Mark my words...Zimmerman is getting off.

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My EX-husband completely changed the script when we moved back to his hometown. He went from a self-sufficient, independent, gainfully employed, man of God to a glorified Mama's boy when he was back in his old hometown. He stopped working and his whole persona changed. Some people need to stay away from home.

If I were this woman, being the detective that I am, I would figure out a way to spy on homeboy and figure out exactly where he was going at 2 am in the morning; take pictures; talk to a lawyer; and divorce that arse.

If he is cheating on you, he could be bringing home diseases and drama. He is not respecting you and you and your children deserve better than this. DEMAND more and if he can't deliver...leave post haste.

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This is the funniest post ever~ I am laughing so hard I am getting cramps. It all started with the boy on the bike slow motion falling off the ramp and never ended...*in pain*

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Ma'am if your partner is able to fake-read a book, then you have failed at your mission.

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Floating baby in the window...? I bet that keeps the Mormons, J.W.'s, and the Girl Scouts away. I wish I had a window next to my door.

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That was too cute...but no tingling over here. The soda shop is closed. :-)