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Any idea if they're doing an EQG holiday special this year like they did in 2013 and 2014? I haven't seen anything mentioned about one yet and I was just hoping that I hadn't been paying close enough attention.

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"Who is going to marathon then?"

Funny you should ask that. I dodged a scheduled Warcraft raid last night and watched all three Equestria Girls movies instead.

Tonight is going to be a Daring Do double feature.

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Thanks for all the awesomeness, Jayson! Have fun with the movie!

Also, to everyone saying that Season 6 will be the last, don't forget about that announcement from earlier this year saying that they have at least five more years worth of plans for MLP.

Now, there may not necessarily be five more seasons of MLP: FiM planned, but there are other existing or hinted-at-franchises tied in with MLP (Equestria Girls, Legends of Everfree, Gaurdians of Equestria), that could end up being awesome.

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Sunset Shimmer.

I'm a big fan of this character and would like to see her appear in the main series. So far, the movies haven't been made canon with the TV series, but who could happen.

The recent synopsis updates and character profiles for the new move have Sunset Shimmer feeling insecure about where she belongs and being homesick for Equestria.

I'm guessing that at some point in the movie, human Twilight ends up in Equestria and Sunset Shimmer has to go back and rescue her.

My hope is that Sunset will somehow be granted the ability to return to Equestria whenever she wants. Pony Twilight made that portal that she can use anytime at the beginning of Rainbow Rocks, so we know it's now possible. Plus, it appears that human Twilight has figured out a way to open the portal between the two worlds as well.

The current mid-season hiatus will allow the events of the movie to play out without happening in the midst of any story-lines taking place in the show. This way, Sunset Shimmer could be included in any future episodes of Season 5 and beyond.

I doubt it will actually happen this way, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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I really liked this episode because it actually hit pretty close to home with some things that I've gone through in the past month.

I recently re-connected with an old friend from high school that I hadn't seen since graduation in 2005. I guess neither of us really realized at the time that we wouldn't be seeing each other on a daily basis anymore, and hadn't swapped phone numbers or email addresses or anything. We were both pretty quiet, reserved, borderline asocial people so after graduation, we didn't communicate and drifted apart.

Last month, I was told that he had stopped by my old house looking for me. When I went to say hello, I was getting really worked up about it, wondering how much he had changed, if I had changed, how different things might be. I had gone on to college for nearly five years and he hadn't (to my knowledge) pursued any further academics and I was working at a job that he had also wanted to do when we were kids, so I was really worried things would be really awkward.

After the initial "How have you been?, what have been up to, etc.", we really just seemed to pick up where we left off. The only strange thing about it was that it wasn't strange.

Like Twilight, at one point I made a sincere apology for not being a better friend and staying in contact, but he readily blamed himself too, and we both just kind of shrugged it off.

This episode came at a really good time for me, so I loved it. 10/10

Also, I don't know if anyone pointed this out yet, but I noticed that Twilight's Canterlot friends (Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, Lyra Heartstrings, and Moondancer) are the same ponies that Sunset Shimmer dismisses in her origins comic in the 2013 EqG Holiday Special issue.

Here's a scan of the page that I found:

Moondancer's mane is rather different than it appears in the show, but the color is the same as are the cutie marks and colors of the other ponies.

Just thought I'd share!

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Sunset Shimmer.

I know they're trying to keep MLP and EqG separate, but I had been hoping that Sunset Shimmer would make an appearance in today's episode wandering through the background for a brief second.

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Too many things to talk about from this episode, so I'll just say that it was twenty-two minutes of fan service at it's finest!

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To be perfectly honest, I was incredibly skeptical of the first two movies, but ended up loving both after seeing them. They may not be cinematic masterpieces, but they really are very fun movies and that's what counts the most. Right now, I'm feeling the same way about the third one, so hopefully my past experiences will continue their trend and I'll like it.

As to the new poll, I had to hit "Other". I don't own any of the human dolls (their appearance is pretty much nightmare fuel), but I do own a number of pony Sunset Shimmer figurines.

I don't really consider them "Equestria Girls toys", but she does only appear in the Equestria Girls franchise.


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Probably, my most memorable moment in being part of the fandom was the first time I met another brony.

The best part about it was that we were already friends / coworkers, but didn't know that the other was a brony. I had drawn a picture of Discord on a scrap of paper that was sitting out at work and someone found it and hung on a tack board. Later, we were talking and laughing about the drawing, so I decided to refer to it as a "Draconequus Master of Chaos" just to see if he got the reference. There was kind of an awkward pause, then he asked "WAIT! You know what that is?!" My response..."Eeyup!".

I had been a fan of the show for a few years at that point, but had never known anyone else that watched it, so I never really had the opportunity to talk about it with anyone before.

Thanks for being a nerd too, man!

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I find your lack of Daring Do...disturbing.