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An army of Islamist extremists (obviously) invade a small mid-western town. The kids at the local high school, led by a marine on leave, fight back.


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The best thing about this article is how Peter misspelled Michael Bay's name at the end.

Considering the propensity of slob-jobs for Michael Bay on this site, it is quite a surprising typo.

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This doesn't excite me at all. It seems that they'll end up doing a sequel where they'll all say in unison, "oh, not again..."

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I didn't enjoy Star Trek as much as I enjoyed his M:I 3. Star Trek was too slick and sterile, and I feel the M:I universe is more suitable for JJ Abrams' directing style.

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He did direct the Tropic Thunder mockumentary Rain of Madness, which was highly entertaining.

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Jimmy Page... Jimmy Page...

He's the guy from Coverdale/Page, right?

Hmm. What else has he done?

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Felt more like Soderbergh than Fincher.

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He's a producer on the film. His blog posts also state that Bay contributed a great deal in the writing of this film. So, if the story sucks, he's as much to blame as the screenwriters.

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I think it's kind of funny that they're spending more money on this movie than Beane has spent on the A's the past few seasons combined.

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This is going to make $80 million opening weekend. At least.

Meditate on that.