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The effort to block the rights voice is already in place and has been for awhile.....
Its called Net Neutrality

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Randolph or Washington St Bridge? There are always whack jobs there carrying on about something or other.
And BTW, I am a little concerned coming into the city when the planned "protests" of the G-8 etc go on...

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I respectfully request Mr Krugman go to one of the NYPD and FDNY children who lost their fathers and Mothers Siblings etc and say this....
I rarely comment on the Bigs, but This time Krugman poked the bear with a stick....

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GREAT Article Kurt!
So much to take away, but the main thing is we all need to be in the arena to do our part.

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Thanks for including this one Jim! Probably the one series that the ending completely shocked my wife. She usually has storylines figured out within 15 mins. Just a great series. Wish it had continued. and Agree about Bruce G. Always like to see his work.

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Thanks for picking this up Dana! It really upsets me that NBC couldn't control themselves and just had to use Subliminal Agendaizing in a Historic, very exciting Final Round of a Major .....

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Once again Kurt has put one into the stratosphere....
now if we can just figure out those pesky #^%(@ ing magnets :0)

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Even more

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Another proud Cardinal!!!

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Now that is a totally Righteous post....
Keep turning it up to 11 Kurt!!!