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Me too! I was so bummed last week - I was on a work trip and the ONE DAY I was in the field all day and didn't have access to the internet until 10pm was the day they went on sale. I might have said nooooooooooooo out loud in my hotel room when I saw they were sold out.

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My dad spends a lot of time trying to convince people that riding a recumbent bike makes him...smarter? than people riding upright bikes. "You're sitting on a cushion on top of a pole, I'm sitting in a soft foam chair!" Oh dad.

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I don't think one would pray to Meshe and also follow the Handarata.

I may have read this book a few too many times.

Dammit I am going to miss The Toast so freakin' much.

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Oh god I hate games SO MUCH. And everyone is like "but how can you hate gaaaames they're so fuuuuuun just try it." NO I WILL NOT. I will only attend if there is a guarantee that not a single person will ask me to play (and then if they do, will not pout and try to pressure me into playing). I have made my hatred of games abundantly clear, I have no intention of trying any games or changing my mind.

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My dad visited this weekend. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he lives in a suburban, more agricultural part of the state.
Dad: I'm thirsty.
Me: Ok, what do you want?
Dad: A soda, but not like a coke or whatever. Something I can't get at home.
Me: Hm, ok....
(We try a few places, dad is disappointed, I am unclear as to what he expected)
Me: How about here? (walks into fancy grocery store)
Dad: (Observes case of coconut water, kombucha, drinking vinegars, etc) Never mind.

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Oh man. I am about to go directly from the two pairs of fairly vanilla socks I've made thus far to some totally crazy ones I saw on Ravelry and I'm doubting my sanity. It's going to be great.

I have an acquaintance who casually asked me if I'd knit her something, and offered to pay, and was confused when I giggled at the offer. Um, sure, pay me an hourly rate for the 15+ hours it's going to take me to make that lace shawl, yes, I bet that is what you are offering. It's counter-intuitive but the very amount of time it takes to knit something means I only categorize them as gifts.

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I went to Norway for my honeymoon, and when we were first discussing the trip I turned to my then-fiance and said "more like SNORWAY" and then we had to watch this video.

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We bought a season subscription just for Hamilton. CANNOT EVEN WAIT.

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I went to Norway this past March for my honeymoon! It was WONDERFUL. There was a yarn store adjacent to the train station in Bergen, and I was like "BEST COUNTRY EVER." Be sure to see city hall in Oslo - it has all of these amazing murals started before WWII, put on hold during the war, and then completed afterwards. One involves a woman triumphantly riding a bear. Take the train and ferries as much as you can, they are a wonderful way to see the countryside and also they serve waffles. Like I said, best country ever.

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Play it every time you bake/cook, talk about it incessantly, interrupt him reading at night with especially interesting parts of the Ron Chernow biography, drunkenly bring up Hamilfacts during conversations you feel could use more pizzazz? It worked for me.