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A former cop tells me that these are standard tear gas grenades, not flash-bang grenades. Tear gas grenades do make a flash and a bang when they explode however.

BTW, he says "Seeing those cops standing around while someone is injured, laying in the streets, really pisses me off. That is not how a professional police officer reacts, that is how a gang reacts. The Oakland PD is just another California gang." Remember, this is what a *cop* thinks about the Oakland PD...

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I want some salty nuts with my schweddy balls.

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Oh come now, Lionel, we *need* Newtie in the race. Otherwise it'd be Crazy White Bachman and the *SIX* Dwarfs, and that doesn't make nearly as cool a sounding GOP preznit race!

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Wow, so I can have Pravda on the Potomac streaming to my web browser looking just like a 1990's script? Way to move into the 20th century, WaPo!

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My guess is that the bedbugs aren't biting the CPAC participants. Professional courtesy, one blood sucker to another, y'know.

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Actually I do not own a home in San Mateo county, I live in an apartment and am saving money for a home. So I benefit if San Mateo home prices *fall* because then I will be able to afford a home sooner. Your transparent content-free ad-hominem attack is typical of today's right-wing. Somewhere, the ghosts of WIlliam F. Buckley Jr. and Barry Goldwater weep at what the party of intellectual rigor has turned into.