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There are 203 Halo crossovers on fimfiction. I think 2 Postman-inspired stories would be okay. But I don't think writing an MLP / Postman crossover is the thing for you anyway, if you're obsessed with being "original."

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I heard he slept his way to the top.

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I don't think you should interpret this poll as meaning that bronies want to be girls. Equestria is a place where it's better to be female. Either the mares are much smarter and more competent than the stallions (which is the case from everything we've seen), or there's systematic oppression of males.

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That fell through when Mr. Costner refused to wear the contact lenses.

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Well, I'm glad SOMEpony appreciates my efforts to enslave humanity.

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Oh. My bad.

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n00b. That's Jake the Army Guy.

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That show's nothin' but lies and slander. I'm just an honest business pony. It's all a big misunderstanding, is what it is. "Bad" is Welsh for "boat", see. "Boat horse."

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Zebras are now officially ponies!

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It wouldn't work without the ultra-violence. Have you ever wondered, How did the Holocaust happen? How did deeply moral, uber-civilized German citizens end up enslaving and murdering millions of people?

Fallout: Equestria asks a similar question, using ponies because we know they can be so innocent and kind. It shows them raping, enslaving, and murdering each other, and asks, How did this happen? and, How can we stop it? What makes the story so remarkable, to me, is that in answering these questions, it combines the unflinching realism and realpolitik of a literary novel or history book with the idealism of a fantasy. Nobody would publish a book like this, because it tries to answer those questions sincerely, rather than aligning itself with some existing set of readers that it can sell books to.