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It's great that she remembered she represents 6 counties other than Erie.....

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Based on what?

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Kim Ward raised a lot of money from DC Lobbyists....for both her commissioner and state race.

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More of the same.....

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Dolley - have you even experienced the real world outside of this blog in the last 6 months???

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Probably because that reputation is exaggerated by people on boards like this who never dealt with those staffers....

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Clique of Hill Rats? 9/10 of the posters on this board would not last a full day as a Hill Staffer. Never mind working 16 hour days for the equivalent of minimum wage in Portersville, PA....but becoming experts in their field and basically running Capitol Hill.

Though I shouldn't be surprised that the comment came from an alias.

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Good for the forest, good for the industry, good for the local communities.....

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Email I got.....

Relevant points -

"Reported and edited by a Politicker alum..."

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In the big scheme of things, who cares? Rick lost almost three years ago, you would think that we would have bigger things to worry about........We can't stop living in 2006 long enough to care about 2010