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Surely R&D and Minister Kenney will get on it right away ...

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A lot of asses hanging out there ... a lot of covering them going on ....

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Well, the crusty old crank with the potty mouth who I think is wrong about so many
things is partially right about one thing ...

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If NS serves as any kind of example (it rarely does),there are three viable parties. The Liberals
and PCs gathered some baggage of incompetence and minor corruption over the years, so when
the NDP moved gently toward Red Tory territory they were rewarded with a majority ... and ,as is a
common pattern, are trying to get the hard things done in the first two years. We'll see.

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There has been much written about this over the recent years. One of the more prominent ...

3-4 decades of stagnant middle class income with purchasing power maintained only by two-income families and
increasing household debt. And the poor ... well,nobody talks about them anymore ...

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Actually, my initial thought on seeing the NDP success in Quebec was that this is a good
thing that has the potential to turn out very badly. Kinda like Sherman's march through
Georgia ... they're still fighting that war.

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Hey, I know ! Let's set up a series of debates ... the Kids vs the Cons ... we can start off with
Gary Goodyear and move down from there ..

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Mr. Chuckles increased his party's popular vote by a couple of points and won 54%
of the seats with 40% of the votes. It's our irrational system and we're stuck with it.
The rest of us ( 60% with 46% of the seats ) are going to have decide whether we go back to bed
and pull the pillow over our heads or get out in the trenches and find a way to do something
about it.
In the meantime, a little frothy gloating is to be expected .... and tolerated.

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A word on the people who hire the people we seem to hate ...

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There are some excellent comments in the Sexton piece.