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I have a hard time believing this Government supporting a "Christmas" anything.

Especially Obama.

Aren't they promoting a specific faith by doing this?

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Taxes work like animal blood sacrifices.

The Greens have appeased Mother Earth so they believe she will now cool down a bit.

Must be the case; cause I've never seen a detailed plan that aims to lower the earth's temperature. There ain't one.

Instead, the money WILL be spent on many other things; i.e., free stuff for socialists.

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Like you Parasite? Why don't you start that virtuous business that you make sound so simple.

Join the unions, pay the fees and taxes, donate to politicians, and just see how long your money lasts.

Put your money where your mouth is, punk. Start a business, I dare you.

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Like all Socialists, Parasite Gal is only interested in the free stuff she thinks she will get out of this Robin Hood tax.

I'd be willing to bet my house that she doesn't recycle at home, ride a bike, or even walk.

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Obviously doesn't know or even care.

Like all Socialists, It's the free stuff that Parasite_Gal is after.

Prove me wrong by stating what you will do with the new tax money. And it had better be something you think you lower the Earths temperature.

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To "combat Global Warming"? How, exactly? Do you know? Do you care?

What will your masters do with all that tax money that will change the temperature, exactly?

You green fvckers remind me of an earlier age of religionists who practiced blood sacrifices in hopes of appeasing the Gods.

Like them, you seem to believe that simply collecting taxes will somehow appease Mother Earth. And she will cool down a bit.

What will you do with the money? Please tell us.

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@Patriot Gal: The earth is warmed by the Sun. And there isn't anything you can do about it. No matter how much tax money you co-opt for that implied purpose.

Take every bob in Australia and you still won't be able to change the earth's temperature by even a fraction.

But that isn't really the purpose, is it Patriot_Gal? No. Your purpose is to spend all that new money on free stuff for anti-work parasites like yourself.

Parasite_Gal, now that moniker is a lot more accurate.

Can I get an Amen?

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After emptying my clip into the perps face, I can still jack his cash and his $300 dollar shoes without getting his blood on me.

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Do any of you liberals know what the women's rights are under a Sharia divorce? What about the sexual rights of underage girls and boys? Sharia is human rights abuse; codified.

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No wonder so many "teenage mobs" think they can pick and choose the laws they heed. They are simply emulating America's first black president.

Must be the case; otherwise Obama would demonstrate leadership (as the leading black), and school those "teenage mobs" (illiterate, filthy, and racist human garbage most).