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Indeed, I was struck by her use of the code word "demon". Clearly she was referencing the white devil family of slurs.

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Oh ya?! Well, I can pee in a coke bottle at 20 paces.

Kinda petty fellas.

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JFK - Never had any job in his entire life, except Senator, then President - This statement is factually wanting. Military service is a job, one that provides command experience too.

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Why would you want to build stocks where a guillotine should be?

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That makes sense because I'd sooner vote for Obama twice than Romney or Newt.

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You were quick enough to comment first, but too slow to get the point. This is yet another exampe of a congressman who is pretty sure that he is special, better than those he represents. I guess both sides have plenty amongst them that will choose sides based on nothing more than party affiliation.Go ahead and give the congressman's office a call to let him know about your support, I'm sure it would be a welcome change from the messages everyone else is leaving.

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Nothing short of a guillotine will solve this problem.

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And all along I though the obvious brilliance of what he says was what counted. Thanks for setting me straight on what's really important.

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While I'm a libertarian now, I certainly prefer the GOP to the dems. My thinking is, if the POTUS for the next term is to be a bad one, better it be a Dem(Obama) than have a bad GOP (Romney) president. Carter earned us Reagan, who knows what 8 years of Obama could merit. If I am to cast my ballot for Newt I'm going to need (Republicans should appreciate this) a come to Jesus moment. I gotta know he gets it. Except for illegals, Perry does get it. Paul gets it. Bachman gets it. That commercial leaves me thinking Newt doesn't get it. If you know whats up, you can't help but scream it. Newt ain't screamin' it. My vote for Bob Barr didn't get Obama elected but even if it had, I'd still be ok with it because McCain would have been the GOPs Carter. Kudos on the civility. I could have been more so myself initially. Sorry bout that.

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I haven't seen him say it. To be fair, I'm not googling furiously to find it. Newt needs to be loud and proud if he is to earn my vote in the general. In the interest of full disclosure, I left the GOP when they allowed Sotomeyer to get a seat on the court. I'll be casting my primary vote in the (L) primary. If the GOP candidate is to earn my vote in the general, I'm gonna need exactly what Pete alludes to below as I write, above as it posts I'll guess. Social Security IS a ponzi scheme, by definition. ACG IS a hoax. I need the guy or gal that I vote for to believe the same. I can get that with any libertarian nominee. If it all came down to my vote, I'd still cast it for the libertarian if the GOP candidate couldn't deliver on what I need - even if it meant 4 more. It really doesn't matter if I'm wrong about the big picture as I am resolute on these points.