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Interesting that the name of the father, Jose Castro-Torres, has been omitted by the media down here, but was accurately reported in the paper up there...

no ICE hold, but I have to wonder if this guy has a "la raza" -type grudge against this country...

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I liked his work in Star Trek, but his role as Sejanus in "I,Claudius" was outstanding, IMHO. ( hope that 1970's BBC production hasn't been forgotten.)

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I'd like to add that for every one of these guys we catch, there are easily 4 or 5 that we don't. Our borders have been far too porous for years. Time to build walls and kick people who shouldn't be in the USA out ASAP, before we get another 9/11...

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I thought global warming was supposed to do away with the cool & soggy weather we've been having lately... :-) ( I kid.)

I hope we get some sort of summer this year....

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Legally, under U.S. law, corporations are considered people. Maybe we could revoke their charter to conduct business in the U.S. permanently, since we don't have a physical body to incarcerate...

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If they can make it work, and keep the average speed above 100 mph, I'd totally take this over driving on I-5; I'm just questioning if there would be enough usage to justify it. ( I suppose if the population of the state continues to increase, the answer would be "yes" )

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Is there enough of a population base in the Willamette Valley to justify this? This could wind up being a larger version of the WES commuter rail ( in other words, largely unused....)

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I consider myself somewhat left-wing, but it's obvious to me that people like this guy should be kept out of the US. On the larger issue, amnesty, I'd prefer that the 20 million or so illegal aliens we have get deported ASAP. After being laid off, I'm now competing with them for some of the jobs that Americans supposedly "don't want to do" ( eg. temp work )

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I agree with your post, but sometimes recycling is a real hassle. If manufacturers made packaging easier to deal with ( eg. easier to remove labels on milk jugs, cans, and bottles) then people like me would recycle more often...

I fully admit that recycling is something that I SHOULD do.

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I see what you did there. ( at least I think I do...)

I'm assuming a few things here:

1.) Many of these Spanish-only speakers are here illegally.

2.) Of those people who are here illegally, most of them are not filing Federal & State tax returns.

3.) Although most of them ARE paying Social Security taxes , the cost of supporting them ( eg. strain on health care systems, education, housing; and yes, incarceration... ) is probably more than what they are adding to the economy, especially these days.