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9 years ago @ Halolz - Sonic's New Scarf · 0 replies · +15 points

Remember kids, change whether it'd be good or bad, will always make people salty.

9 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Paperboy 3: Th... · 2 replies · +8 points

We all know this is a paper thin disguise for Michael Bay to try out his new shipment of explosions.

9 years ago @ Halolz - Trainer A sends out Ho... · 1 reply · +5 points

Now this is something I can get behind with.

No seriously, back-stabs are how warriors greet each other before battle!

9 years ago @ Halolz - [NEWS] Breaking Things... · 0 replies · +10 points

Breaking News!

The forums are unavailable at the moment while they are testing some functionality.

In other news I hear that whippersnapper Alpar has gotten pretty popular around here.

With Alpar on our side, those Wolfites won't be around for much longer.

So have any of you heard of that newfangled game, Team Fortress 2?

10 years ago @ Halolz - I AM KNUCKLES... · 0 replies · +6 points

When your head is full of rocks, of course you're gonna be good at looking after rocks.

11 years ago @ Halolz - SWAGGIN' ON 'EM · 0 replies · +8 points

Can't beat his Brooklyn Swag!

11 years ago @ Halolz - A Koopa Troopa's Duty · 0 replies · +17 points

Remember when you were younger and were taught about stoplights? Red means stop, green means go?

Mario teaches us this in a more ironic way. Red shells stop and turn around. Green shells just keep going...and going and going and going....

11 years ago @ Halolz - Zora Architects · 0 replies · +14 points

Even though she's nowhere to be seen in the later times, I blame the Water Dragon for all of this.

As if she couldn't torture one Link enough...

11 years ago @ Halolz - Zora Architects · 0 replies · +37 points

Shut up! You're not my real dad-boat!

11 years ago @ Halolz - [NEWS] San Japan 5 · 6 replies · +9 points

And then Trucks was surrounded by angry protestors shouting:

All the while Shawn was siping tea back home, chuckling quietly to himself.