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A wise man once said "I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. "

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The report was that they were burned a while ago along with other contraband from the prison. Local Afghans hired to clean up garbage found the burnt remains and raised the ruckus.

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So Hollywood has no problem with the rampant piracy that goes on in China of movies and music? Good move.

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Ok I am sure to get flamed over this but here it goes.

There are no laws that deny a gay person the right or ability to get married. Any gay person can go to any courthouse in America and obtain a marriage license. The left has framed the argument as that they are being denied a right based on their self description of being gay. They are trying to make it the equivalent of denying a person the right to marry based on their skin color. That would be unconstitutional.

Where the real problem comes in is that while a gay person is free to marry the law can (and does) define who they are legally allowed to marry just the same as it does for a straight person. In some areas it defines that a person cannot marry someone of the same sex. Again this is not discriminatory under the law. Just like the law says that same person cannot marry a child, animal, close relative, more than one spouse, etc.

So if it is unconstitutional for same sex marriage to be limited by the law then each and every category that is also limited by the same law is on the table for the same treatment. And for all the protest to the contrary that is what this is really about.

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So I guess we will rely upon Robots and Ghosts to defend our nation. Didn't Kosovo dragging on forever teach us that you cannot end a conflict from the sky alone. The only way deterrence works is you have to have a big army capable of moving from its shores to smite the bad guys. Relying on Drone Strikes and Special Forces to deter potential enemies only works if you are willing to use them preemptively. And that requires an intestinal fortitude that our risk adverse leaders just don't have and will not have for the foreseeable future.

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So the plan now is that the USA will be defended by Robots and Ghosts. This strategy only works if you are willing take preemptive measures to ensure trouble doesn't start instead of reactive which has been our military strategy for nearly 70 years.

Oh and now we will not be able to fight a war on two fronts now. So if say North Korea acts up and we have to go over there anyone else is free to runamuck. Now the way to make this one work would be to tell folks that if we have to go to war over there and someone else gets out of line then we will just have to nuke them.

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I loved this album and the video for this song when I came out. Another great song of that Sweet did was a cover of the Scooby-Doo Theme from the Saturday Morning Cartoons CD. A very faithful rendition of the song yet somehow uniquely Sweet.

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What I love is how Obama Administration touts that they have used drones to kill more terrorist than Bush did. As if somehow the Bush Administration lacked the will to use them. Nobody remembers that in the early days of the War on Terror there was so much flak about using drones that rules for their uses had to be created as well as fine tuning the delivery of weapons. Took years to get that past congress/lawyers and human rights groups are still screaming to this day. So once again the current administration takes credit for the systems and doctrine put in place by the previous.

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I love this movie. I have seen it many times and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes at the end. Jimmy Stewart had the rare gift as an actor to make an audience identify with him. In every failure and frustration that George Bailey goes through you feel everyone of your own.

Another Stewart film I love is Flight of the Phoenix. I love the scene when the German engineer they have pinned their survival on admits he has only ever designed model planes. The look on Stewart's face is one that every actor should study.