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I truly believe that shutting down the internet would be a last resort for them, as it would mean money lost. But that may be the only way to stop a population that can easily transfer ideas using this media. Never before have so many had access to so many more, and that scares them, because they know that only in numbers do we have power. They will use any means necessary to divide us if we refuse to lay down and take it. Think about it, how would we get together to stop them without the internet, and how long would it take. This is our best weapon, so be careful with it. Peace and Love.

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Tha tis a very real possibility, but just like the "other" conglomerate of states, if the controlling government has become too big, too powerful, and too oppresive, then several smaller states might not be so bad, considering the alternative.
Armed conflict should never be anything but the last resort, but once you have a taste of freedom, it is awfully hard to give it up for what the rest of the world has to offer.

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Debt. Debt = slavery. That's one way, although the shrewd have already figured this one out, and that's about the only thing holding us together right now. Refuse to use credit cards, and live within your means.
Taxes, that's another one. Although I don't have a problem with small taxation to help those in need (to get on your feet, not feed your 5 bastard children for life) and to run a small government, they now tax and spend at will, with no end in site.
Taking away freedoms is not something that happens overnight, the power mongers are too smart for that. They know they govern under the law, so they hire the best to legalize ways around the Constitution. Guns, can't get a ban through, just tax it out of exsistence. Want a global economy, crash the system, take over the banks, and sign treaties with other countries. The patriot act allows them to take anyone, at any time. The list goes on,

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Nobody wants it to come to arms (well, ok, maybe a few), but the constitution states that it is our DUTY to dismantle a corrupt or non working government. Moreover it implies that those who are in a position to do so, MUST, if they value what this country stands for. So, we try....... we post on forums to get the people together, we write our representatives. We must also ask those who's opinion we value to run for government. Many will refuse, citing one reason or another, but if they really believe all the stuff they are feeding us (and I for one, do) they we must be vigilant in that too. I am talking specifically about folks like Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, even Rush L.(shudder).
When all that fails, we the people must act in whatever means necessary, or go the way of the Dinosaurs (at least in so far as being a soveriegn nation). I for one am not afraid to die for those I love, so if it comes to that, you might be surprised how many good people would also follow, no matter the cost. God help us everyone.
The pen is mightier than the sword, but a gun is faster. ha ha.

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Great thread and great ideas!! Keep this one alive and send it to everyone you know, many people still think they are alone with this, use facebook, twitter, email, anything to spread the theme.

Power returned to the states.

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Well done. One BIG one to add.
Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank (if not in totality because it is a private company and the Government can't do that, then at least from printing our money). We have the right to print our own money interest free.

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John Rich for president. Don't care for country music, but I like the idea of no pay for feds!! They need to lead by example, not fear. (these are the two main ways of leading people, in any venue). By the way, they just gave themselves raises again during all the bailouts, but nobody heard about that one.

Idea, we the people vote any and all compensation for congress. Term limits should be 8 or 12 years. Simple fact being, if we try to replace every congressman every four years, we will run out of qualified people to do the job( we are not all smart enough to do it), and we will be in a bigger mess than now, but ABSOLUTELY have limits.

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Part 2
Think globally, act locally......Call your State reps, Governor, Tell them to take your concerns to the Feds. Call your city government, and tell them your greatest concern is for THEM to call the state reps and Feds. Use the chain of command. As each little step progresses, you influence someone with a little more power. With enough effort, it keeps going up the ladder, until the Feds can no longer ignore US. Over 21 States have declared sovereignty from the federal government, meaning that they are establishing the right to tell the feds NO. No to more power, no to printing more money, no to anything more than is specifically stated in our Constitution. This is a place to start.

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The constitution states (paraphrased) that when our government stops working it is the duty of those who can to rebuild it. I know some zealots who will crucify me for not using the correct wording, and justly so, as we are a country ruled by law, and specific words do matter... However, let's get to the point, the meaning of this portion of the constitution is quite clear. We all feel helpless as individuals, and even as a group, we have been so lulled into complacency that it is hard to get any REAL numbers of people off the couch and do something.

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The worst problem here is that the trees are in the way. We need to look at the forest, people! Each one of these issues has validity, but while we argue about the details, the TRUE power players are working to crash the entire worlds economy. Why? because only then can the Oligarcy finally take total control of the...wait for it...NEW WORLD ORDER!

Our rights are slowly being eroded away, just slowly enough that we don't get upset enough to get off the couch and do something.

Wanna start somewhere?, start with States rights. Our Republic allows each state to to govern their people, with the Federal Government protecting OUR borders (not every other country we deem needing it) and making sure that everyone plays by the rules(of law). Talk to your State reps. As a united conglomerate of states we can affect change, and it's much easier to access state reps than feds( they obviously aren't listening anyways).

Bottom line...If we don't declare our sovereignty from the rest of the world, and rebuild the platform by whom we are governed, we are all in for a very bad hair day, and the USA with be nothing more than a footnote in history.