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Goddamn I am so sick of people telling me I'm not allowed to be upset because ~that's the way things are what did you expect~


fuck that

going to go cry in the fucking bathroom now

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Where in any of this do people say that the baby doesn't have a sex? Where in any of this do people say that it wouldn't be a huge deal? Are trans people not allowed to say "I'm uncomfortable with this" just because ~that's the way things are~?

The original tweets aren't even outraged, just sad and discomfited and resigned. I am outraged because some bullshit faux-"ally" decided it would be great to jump down the throats of those people and accuse them of 1) "wishing" GSMness on the kid, 2) fetishizing themselves, 3) laughing at themselves, and 4) trying to "further a cause" (quelle horror). It's especially disgusting because trans women -- the very people represented in the selection of tweets this poster decided to screencap -- were and are called boys and men and male for having been born with a penis, and this piece of shit decided to rub it in their faces with the antepenultimate lines.

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"the thing where the baby's genitals are announced to the world is, btw, the source of literally all my pain as a trans woman"
"as a transwomen, it's beyond disturbing how society obsesses over the gender of a child"
"It's a bit premature to be calling the royal baby a "boy," right? Geez, let's let the kid develop a gender identity first.

Seems reasonable you say. Nope.
Then there’s those people wishing that the baby turns out to be gay or trans— you’re seriously going to wish that kind of thing on a child that’s going to be under that much media attention? Not only are you fetishizing a baby’s sexuality, but this is disgusting. Being part of the LGBT movement is great, but the struggles that we face growing up trying to figure out who we are are nothing to laugh about or use to further a cause. Especially not when you’re growing up in the spotlight. There would be nothing lucky about this.

Never mind that no one is imposing gender roles on this child. The whole thing about it being a boy is a biological fact. The baby’s sex has been decided because the baby has a penis. The end.
go away

It’s a baby. It doesn’t even understand the word gender. It can’t name itself.
that's what half the tweets are saying

And this is absolutely disgusting.
good thing trans people aren't regularly told that they're disgusting

oh wait


37,816 fucking notes i can't even i hate the world

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I'd gotten spoiled for that before actually watching the show, because there was a lot of crossover between Who fans and TW fans in my corner of fandom then, but I'd forgotten. I'd forgotten and then it came along and punched me in the face and jub jnf gurer sbe ure? Yvrq sbe ybir naq qvrq sbe qhgl naq jub jnf gurer sbe ure?

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Someone on Tumblr made this gifset of Paul's emotional range. SAMEFACE

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I don't remember if I've said her before but.... Toshi..ko.... Sato.................

gif of tosh and mary
Tosh: So I'm shagging a woman and and alien.
Mary: Which is worse?
Tosh: Well, I know which one my parents would say.

She uses her own fucking blood to jevgr qbja gur rdhngvbaf arprffnel sbe ure grnzzngrf va gur shgher gb erbcra gur Evsg, fur'f gur bar gung fnirf Wnpx naq urefrys. She was kind, but not a saint; a genius, but never written as emotionless. The show really screwed her over, the first queer Asian character I ever saw on TV, but I can't stop loving her.

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I don't see that it would undermine feminist themes necessarily? It would take screentime away from the Maslanyclones, which I'd put as meta rather than a theme within the show. Of course, if they'd had a top-o'-privilege-mountain dude like Paul as a clone, that would undermine the resonance of marginalized people being treated as property (something in no way exclusive to women, not that MBWF would be great either).

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Butt what does it mean?

im going to bed

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I pronounce it like anglicized Italian anyway :DDDD