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Mordechai Twersky goes by the screename "CIPHER". I only mention it because he brags of using his real name which is not always true.

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Agreed! Paul Berger deserves a second reward both for his work as a journalist and for his courage in going against the tide of hysteria and countering it with excellent research. I respect Paul Berger and I think this is the best article I have seen in the Forward all year.

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@YerachmielLopin-You are grasping at straws. You have made an accusation against the Forward and you believed they were in your pocket. Paul Berger worked very hard on this story and you have no proof that the tapes are unreliable. It doesn't stop you from schreing that they are no good. All you have is a pack of baseless accusations.That is my problem with all this.The truth is being sacrificed for the greater good of this dogma. And your theories are all over the place as usual. Paul Berger,you claim is partisan (ha!) back during the New Square tragic suicide you claimed that the people who "abused" (?) this woman would be uncovered. Never happened.You are more credible when your response is measured and you stop making baseless accusations both against Paul Burger and the people prosecuting this case. I would nominate Berger for another award for his sheer guts!

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And who is the mysteryman Yerachmiel Lopin? He seems like another out of control advocate whose life who believes everything at face value. Why anybody would devote their lives to this sick stuff is beyond me. I salute Paul Berger from breaking away from this subculture in favor of the truth.Truth over dogma.Yerachmiel.Are you an audio expert that knows for a fact that the tapes have been spliced and edited.No proof as usual.I am tired of this crap and i salute Paul Berger for his intergrity.

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You hid Lanner for 11 years. You are named in the YU lawsuit. Paul Berger did a crakerjack job.

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Kastner was one of the most evil Jews ever to walk the face of the earth. His case fell apart after they found written records AFTER the war that he tried to get senior Nazis (including the head of all concentration camps-Kurt Becher) off the hook at Nurenburg.What possible excuse can you have for this most wicked animal.

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I think the generation that came from Europe was worried about economic issues but once that became stable the generations reverted back. The huge difference is education. The yeshiva movement and post high school education in Israel for American students.Once you taste the real deal you spit out the substitutes. Orthodoxy is the only group with an outreach movement. Add to that the explosive birthrate.

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Well if there is any moral bankruptcy let us talk about JTS as well. Or maybe we shouldn't since they are sponsor of the Forward. Avrumele why is sex abuse okay in one place and not in another (JTS-Roth scandal)?Why are you being so selective. Either you condemn sex abuse everywhere or you are two -faced. Shut YU down but shut JTS down as well.

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Correct. That IS exactly what we need!