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Obama is a moron. What the hell is he apologising for.

As if an apology is going to make any difference to these people.

Their country has been bombed from the sky and their population terrorised, killed and displaced by what they perceive to be (rightly or wrongly) foreign occupiers and now those occupiers are burning the book they have been indoctrinated to believe in.

It will take more than an apology to appease them i'm afraid.

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The founding fathers suffered from this condition.

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Big Pharma will bring out a vaccine for this condition.

So not to worry.

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His campaign Chairman held up the national polls as evidence that Gingrich is doing well.

The last national poll had Newt equal last with Santorum on 16%.

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There is only one candidate that has any credibility when it comes to the Trump sideshow and that is Ron Paul.

He was the only one that didn't go cap in hand to Trump Tower.

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I know what you mean, it would be like loaning money to someone who's been bankrupt, you just don't do it.

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Nice to see An American standing up for their rights.

Incidentally this was the late night Jewish/7th day adventist caucus.

Paul got more votes than all the other candidates combined. No voter fraud at this one.

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America will be feeling like it's groundhog day if they elect anyone but Ron Paul.

Same monetary policy
Same foreign policy
Abortion will continue
Drug War continues
TSA continues
NDAA continues
Censorship of the Web continues
Corruption and lobbying continues
and most importanly ignoring the constitution continues

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I aspire to be as tolerant as Ron Paul.

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I support the message of Liberty so by extension I count myself as a Ron Paul supporter.

I see myself as an individual and try to judge people on their charactor and hope anyone would do the same to me. However as a pragmatist I see the racial inequally in the system, the drug laws being a prime example.

I must ask you about your comment regarding Alex Jones.

From my prespective it is shameful that you would attempt to smear Alex Jones. I listen to his broadcasts and they are very evocative but racist, do me a favour.

His documentaries are well researched pieces. Watch the Obama deception if you really want to know how to take down Obama.

If you don't have his news website as one of several news sources then you are missing an important perspective and a popular one. His teams articles are very well sourced and often top linked on Drudge. None on here thou mmm....

Like him or misunderstand him, his is a defender of Liberty and by extension a Patriot.