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I still say Rainbow's a little bit older than she is often assumed to be. "First/Last in class" tends to refer to the same class of students the individual went to school with.

Which means that, of the mane 6, AJ's cutie mark is only dependent on getting it after Rarity got hers. Which is easy enough since Applejack was halfway across the country. Much farther away to the point where she only saw the rainbow while Rarity was caught in the edge of the shock wave. Also the reason why I had to change my headcanon for AJ.

However, Rainbow and Fluttershy went to a different school all together which means Rainbow being first in class refers to her own school class, completely separate from everypony but Fluttershy.

Since Cloudsdale is a very large city, their schools are much more likely to group up ponies into grades based on similar ages. This would likely include outside activities like Flight Camp. So the likelihood of Rainbow and Fluttershy being similar ages is actually pretty high, and of course Fluttershy got her cutie mark a good 5+ minutes after Rainbow did.

As for Pinkie, we don't know what school she went to or whether she was home schooled so the only real bearing on her age is that she's at least a year younger than Fluttershy. Assuming Fluttershy and Rainbow actually were in the same class that would put Pinkie behind both of them.

Twilight is the most likely to be the youngest, I will agree with that. Even with her specialized schooling it is still likely that Celestia's School starts with the same ages as any other school. The only real difference being the requirements to get in.

Granted this is just the reasonings behind my own headcanon. So my own list goes (youngest to oldest):
1. Twilight Sparkle
2. Pinkie Pie
3. Rainbow Dash
4. Fluttershy
5. Rarity
6. Applejack

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Yeah, that's the main reason I had Rarity as the oldest at first. I liked the idea of AJ being younger but more mature, however, canon means that can't be true.

Dash being the lead weather pony for the whole Ponyville area is something that a lot of people probably don't think of when determining her age. Considering she supposedly got kicked out of flight school (or dropped out they haven't been specific on that) I highly doubt she has those friends in high places. Which means its very likely she had to work hard to reach that position. Something that would take time.

Arguably, Twilight's nievite could be due to her lack of social experience before Ponyville, but I still think she's the youngest because she was just moving out of schooling when the other five were already set into their current careers.

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I have realized I have to change my headcanon of Applejack being the youngest of the mane 6.

Yesterday I remembered her line where she said she was the last in her class to get her cutie mark, and since we know Rarity grew up in Ponyville as well and is around the same age as AJ, having the headcanon that Rarity is the oldest and AJ is the youngest just doesn't work.

I liked the idea of AJ being younger but more mature for her age, especially since it contrasted with my headcanon that Rainbow was somewhat older but didn't act her age. However, canon means AJ pretty much has to be slightly older than Rarity.

So I guess my new headcanon would be:
-- Applejack as the oldest with Rarity being slightly younger (probably a few months difference give or take)
-- Fluttershy and Rainbow in the middle*
-- Pinkie and Twilight as the youngest helped along by knowing Pinkie's at least a year younger than Fluttershy and Twilight just seems like someone who is just getting out of college while the other 5 already had long-term careers.

* I know Rainbow being seen as one of the younger if not youngest of the mane 6 is pretty common, but I think she's actually older than she tends to act. You know, the whole age does not guarantee maturity thing.

Plus I imagine a large city like Cloudsdale would have to separate students by age to avoid overwhelming their teachers. So that would put Fluttershy and Rainbow in the same age group automatically.

Edit: Though I guess I could shake up the norm and make Fluttershy and Rainbow the oldest with AJ and Rarity falling in after.

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I still say "Music Showcase" could work.

While "Spotlight" implies a direct focus on something of particular interest a "Showcase" is an exhibit or display of something or multiple somethings being shown off in order to draw that attention to it in the first place.

Sounds a lot like what these MotD posts are supposed to be to me.


On another note: I'm definitely liking the genre requirement. Lots easier to focus on music that matches my tastes when I can see what's what right up front.

Speaking of. #2 sounded nice. The snare was a little prominent, but aside from that I enjoyed it.

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The mixed response to Disqus has me rather hesitant about the change, but I'll see how it ends up before I pass judgement.

If it works well then, OK cool. Better for the site to switch to something more stable that everyone can get used to.

If it doesn't go over well and ends up a mess then it may end up being the push needed for EQD to get a proper forum.

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No problem. :)

Figured I'd point it out since having it cut off rather than fade makes the ending rather abrupt.

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Personally, I favor instrumental music over music with lyrics. Helps me focus better and has a stronger trigger effect on my imagination while lyrics tend to be distracting unless I'm in a mood for a particular song.

My interest in music posts has actually increased with the addition of the genre tagging so that I can actually tell which songs are vocal / instrumental and what genre type they are.

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The only thing I can think of to suggest is asking the artist what the genre type is before sending it. Beyond that I'm not really sure.

The reason for the change is a lot of good music was getting outright ignored by people who didn't know if the songs fit their taste in music or not.

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As long as I know what genre I'm clicking on it doesn't really matter what they decide to call it. :)

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Yeah, I remember that being roughly tied with Music Showcase. I think both sat around +17 before the comments disappeared.