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Some people say the same about ponies, yet here we are.

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If these badges are not good for the discounts, how do we get the discounts?

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And I slowly back away knowing what happens to anyone who gets too close.

"I've read enough fanfics to know where this is going."

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And this surprises you?

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Bootleg scan? Why would you think that?

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Everything you put into the purchase can go to charity, but only if you specify that with the sliders before completing transaction.

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Just business. To make money you gotta spend money, and sometimes that means buying other companies' intellectual properties.

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Eh, not sure if I really have a favorite. Maybe Snowdrop. I'm generally neutral with OCs.

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It was watching MLP seemingly divide the community that got me curious, saying to myself "I'll check out one episode to see what all the fuss is about." Season 1, episode 1. I would pause the video every minute or so and think to myself, "what am I doing," but I got through it. Somehow when I saw "To Be Continued..." my mind went "What? NOOOO!" I had to see what happened next! So I did so... later that day. After watching episode 2, I felt that I was genuinely impressed, yet I avoided watching any more because of thinking it would be addicting, and maybe because not knowing what my friends and family would think. That was September 17, 2011. It wasn't until sometime in either the following January or February that I picked up on watching this with interest and frequency.

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Well there's a spoiler that just makes me want to see the movie even more.