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I thought a reboot might sort it out, but unfortunately made no difference. Once I use TU to get it out of recovery, I still then need to restore it, and it will not restore to any IPSW. Gets near the end of the process, and just errors.

I've tried it in everyway I can imagine; Tried creating a new IPSW with Pwnage, and restoring to that. Tried Redsn0w, and tried standard iTunes restore, but they all some up with iTunes Error, apart from Redsn0w - That just goes through its process and comes back round to DFU Mode.

Have I bricked my iPhone4 !!!!?? So hope not.

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I did read other mentions of it being a cosmetic bug on other sites, but for me it certainly did stop me making any calls, or any data usage. I had to use the WiFi in my house as a temp workaround for data.


I'm now in a right mess, because I cannot restore my phone at all, to either Custom IPSW's or Stock IPSWs !! Everytime I try, iTunes suggests an unknown error (1013).

I'm now looking into the 10xx Error loop that I see people can get into.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Mitch, that is exactly what I've just discovered for my iPhone. only minutes ago I've upgraded to 4.3.1 with Pwnage 4.3 (FW also on 01.59.00). And my device also is moving between 1 bar and 'No Service!'.

This is not a good situation to be in!

I'm contemplating, simply not being JB'd anymore, and just allow iTunes to update (or in my situation run a standard restore). I never need to unlock, so if I were to do this, would I be able to attempt a JB in several weeks?

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Which 'new tools' are they ? New Pwanage or Limera1n or equivalent ?

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Guys & Gals, some advice please:

Current Status of my Phone:
Model: iPhone 4
FW: 4.0.1 (8A306)
BB: 01.59.00

I am not unlocked, and have no interest in unlocking, just the untethered Jailbreak I wish to keep.
I have just bought a nice new Apple Mac, and want to manage my iPhone on that now, not my PC.
I kinda want to update my iPhone, but don't want to lose the Jailbreak/the ability to Jailbreak it again.
I think Cydia/Saurik currently has my SHSHs (well it states these FW numbers at the top of my Cydia) - iOS 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.2b3 (??)

Been a while since I've been involved with the JB world, and now I have a Mac I believe there's other software which may be the route for me (Pwanage etc).

Any advice on what I can do with my current setup, and using which tool would be greatly appreciated.


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Restored my iPhone 3GS to OS 4.1 BB 05.14.02 - So I am currently stuck !???

That opening statement is something I'm about 85% sure on, but just need someone to confirm this with me, as there are a few questions I have.

The fact I have my 3.1.3 SHSH blobs saved with Saurik, has no value at all because now my BB is on 05.14.02 ?

Should I just give up investigating and wait for JB to be released for this BB ? (I mean, I have a perfectly good working iPhone4 right now, which was the replacement, just wanted to lend it to my sis on a different Network)

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I did exactly that 2 days ago, and I wish I hadn't. The reason I did it on my 3GS, is because I bought iPhone4, and wanted to clear out my 3GS to give it to my sister. However, once I'd activated that "Erase All Content and Setting" operation, the phone attempted to do so, and while it rebooted, it never turned back on. Simply stayed on the Apple logo; bricked the phone.

I whacked it into DFU mode, and restored it connected to iTunes, but allowed iTunes to download 'latest software'. I'm now upgraded to 4.1 and 05.14.02. Gutted.

If you do go ahead, ensure you have a backup you can use (holding 'shift' on restore button)

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I don't believe the SIM card has any connection with/relevance to iTunes.

If you place the other SIM card into the iPhone while it is switched on, it should simply work (as Confucious mentioned).

If it does not work, then the device is locked to the carrier operator, and you will not be able to use other carrier SIMs.

The only choice you then have, is to unlock it with Blacksn0w (PC)

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Just FYI, and anyone that this may help....

I actually have just successfully installed Redsn0w (although very wary at the time!) on top of an Unlocked Blacksn0w setup.

All has worked well, and although I cannot backup my SHSHs via Cydia (my TSS request is pending... for a long time ahead, I hear) I can now use Cydia, with the Icon back on my spring board !!

If anyone has similar concerns than I did, then contact me, and I'll clarify what I did.

Happy ending anyway !

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Thanks for confirming what I thought might be the way I have to go. I guess I should be happy at least I can use my phone !! Not like others !

Cheers Frank.