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"Grzcrfgf naq Fynhtugre, gur svefg Ahznve Puebavpyrf obbx, jvyy qrohg Sroehnel 6"
This made me so happy!

"Fpubynfgvp unf “qhzcrq” ure, fb gur rkcrpgrq Gevf obbx jvyy abg or znqr."
And this makes me so, so sad. Tris is (probably) my favorite of the Circle characters, and I've been looking forward to that book ever since I heard whispers of it. Does this ixnay the Emelan series entirely, for the foreseeable future? :o

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Not In My Patch and How Lovely Are Thy Branches are the Diane Duane short stories/novelettes set in the Young Wizards universe, if that's what you're asking about. (Basically Halloween and Christmas Specials, respectively.)

I can't figure out what "Lifeboats" is either, and I'm a little confused, because I thought Mark said he was reading the Feline Wizards books, or even the latest Young Wizards? I may have missed an announcement, life has been busy.

EDIT: Apparently Lifeboats is another YW Short that I've somehow completely missed, although I've basically been reading these stories consistently since I learned how to read. So, I have an ebook to buy!

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This is probably obvious, but I wanted to remind everyone that with the acting Attorney General's decision not to defend the travel restrictions, Jeff Sessions confirmation as AG in the Senate just became a referendum on those travel restrictions. Calls about that, and him, to your senators might be especially valuable now, and I know I'll be making them.

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Can't Stand The Rain, by The Rescues. I've been listening to this song on near repeat for the past week or two.

[youtube n7jyUJ0QsMM youtube]

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In the vaguest possible terms: It's more or less as bad as it was for most of the next arc (~equivalent to what you've read). After that, it's still there, but it becomes much more secondary in the story. Then, after a while, it mostly goes away as an active thing.

Avoiding Major Spoilers, but some slightish spoilers regarding the bullying:
Ortvaavat va gur arkg nep, naq vapernfvatyl tbvat sbejneq, Gnlybe'f sbphf fuvsgf zber naq zber gb orvat bhgfvqr bs fpubby, fb gur ohyylvat nf n qnvyl guvat vfa'g gurer nf zhpu. Gung orvat fnvq, Gnlybe fgvyy bppnfvbanyyl aneengrf ure gubhtugf ba vg, naq vg fgvyy cbcf hc nphgryl ba bppnfvba. Va fbzr jnlf vg'f orggre orpnhfr fur fgnegf unaqyvat vg, ohg fur nyfb unf gb qrny jvgu nyy gur "ab bar gnxvat vg frevbhfyl" OF. Riraghnyyl, vg'f ab ybatre na npgvir cneg bs gur fgbel, nygubhtu vg'f boivbhfyl fgvyy cneg bs ure punenpgrevmngvba.

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It... gets worse before it gets better. I *love* Worm, but I can't deny that.

How many spoilers do you want? It's kind of a hard question to answer without spoiling some stuff.

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Teaser is out for the new Star Trek!

[youtube bqm9HSYbf0o youtube]

How do we live in a world that gave us this, the Wonder Woman trailer and the American Gods trailer in one 24 hour period?

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I generally prefer idealism to cynicism in shows I'm watching for enjoyment. So, which I appreciate how well-done HoC is, I far prefer TWW.

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I'm also interested in knowing this. Although I have to admit, I read this and immediately thought "Yup, Dresden Files."