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Darn. Looks like I still have to fight with my roommate over the ODST disc.

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Days away from content complete? Holy crap!

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I skipped both of them and got it.

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When in the warthog at the beginning, did you use the horn or brakes?

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I had to pull the left trigger to use the boost ability - and I still got the achievement. But if you turn scoring on, marine kills count toward your score if they are riding with you - hence the belief that their shots counted. It's a moot point regardless, you would only have AI gunners for that first section and there isn't enough time for them to blow up the wraiths, so it's not worth the risk waiting around for them

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No. I splattered a few enemies on my runthrough and still got the achievement. The main issue is that running over a brute damages the ghost pretty badly

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The number of people who make a game means absolutely zilch to the finished product. Braid - which is easily one of the best games I've ever played, was made by a single person.

And yes, it's easier to write a review than it is to make a game. That's why they get paid and I don't. If they want our money, they have to earn it. This game is a pathethic attempt. The End.

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Being incompatible with other rock band tracks/games is a huge negative for me. I like RB2 so much because I have access to hundreds of songs with 1 disc

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I love Bethesda, but that's pretty shitty. People should have access to those earlier games, and Bethesda doesn't own those

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Damn, and I thought the original PS3 was ugly. At $299 it moves into "i'll consider it" territory though.