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This statement mirrors my opinion of him exactly. :D

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I hate to bring this up like I'm ranting, but it's been bugging me for a while. Why does Iron Will show up in villain group shots all the time? He's not a villain, he isn't even an antagonist. An antagonist works against the protagonist to stop their progress. Iron Will is the opposite of that, as he helps Fluttershy move forward, albeit in the wrong direction. When Pinkie and Rarity confront him, he doesn't get violent and even agrees to their pleas for more time. And when Fluttershy refuses to pay for being unsatisfied he graciously backs down and even learns a new catchphrase from her to boot. Now, is he big, loud, and kind of a jerk? Sure. But a villain? Hardly.

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Oh wow, I didn't expect this to get front paged! I made the art for the opening credits, and just seeing my work in a small part on the front page is enough to make my day. :D

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Honestly I'd forgotten that part, and I do understand the problem there. Oh well, guess there's not much I can do now. :/

I think my main irk was the third review beginning with "My god this is long." Sorry, but that is a horribly unprofessional and impolite way to start a critique, even if the story's faults are valid.

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It's called "Predator's Moon," a crossover fic with Beast Wars. It can be found on my Deviantart page:

Sorry if I sounded angry. I'm really not. "Irritated" is a better word. :/

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Yeah, I just saw your post. They really need some kind of organized standards for the whole group. Or even just more organization.

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I have really mixed feelings about the pre-readers. I'm sure most of you are fine, wonderful people. But I've tried to submit a fan fic three times now and it's just been a mess of everyone telling me something different. The first review pointed out a lot of valid faults and gave a lot of constructive criticism, which I took to heart and used to fix the story up nicely. Then I submitted again and was rejected again, the reviewer asking for more content to know where the story was going. So I kept the advice of both reviews in mind while fixing the first chapter and writing the second before submitting again. The third "review" gave no constructive points at all and was nothing but a stream of complaints about the chapters being too long (despite the first reviewer encouraging me to make them longer) or too many uses of established fanon. (Neither of the first pre-readers had any qualms about the chapter length or use of fanon. And since when is that grounds for rejection anyway, looking at all the other fics based on fanon concepts on this site?)

So basically I'm hesitant to even bother trying again here, given the really inconsistent feedback. :/