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why all the mis-definitions & evasions? Why capitalize a non-sense word? An Atheist is someone free of theism, free of magical thinking having no beliefs. A theist is one who is deluded into thinking a god is inside her brain and elsewhere. An agnostic won't admit it is possible to test alleged evidence for any sort of god. An agnostic is pretending proving a negative is the same as inability to know what an alleged deity is and examining the burden of proof upon the alleging party for any alleged deity by any name or title. Lard, creator, supreme being, jeebush, jehobah or ghost holes, Atheists know these are extraordinary claims we have every right to dismiss as easily as the delusionals blather them into their brains and no where else is there a god except in the mind of victims from religion

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my hero Professor Einstein said it best: " in any physical equation you must assign the value of zero to god." See there all alleged deities are nothing

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is that Hemmingway next to Lincoln.... all these great Atheists operated heavily in religious realms, even Atheist Carl Sagan sought to bring believers out of darkness & demonology of alleged baby gods & spooks into the MECHANICAL UNIVERSE... to understand how reality works without any sort of deity

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Jessy, religion is harmful, violent, politically corrupt CALLED THEOCRACY and continues to threaten scientists & children in schools... it is most useful to demand theocrats prove what a god is, demand they define what their god is instead of legislate any god into existence while waging a war on women to keep them pregnant

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welcome to reality Dusty, our Atheism is doing just fine, glad you no longer use magic in your thoughts for an alleged baby god vaginally birthed from a virgin

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what is jeebush jehobah ghost holes? what is a god? even Gideon was capable of real science not complete idiotic belief, he demanded his god perform two fleece tests to prove such a god was real... dry fleece on wet ground and wet fleece on dry ground, not a major miracle but more than words or temporary death by torture 29 C.E. ... get a clue xian, we don't want your religious obscene book exerpts here... it is illegal to mail your book, President McKinley pardoned CC Moore for the crime of mailing bible verses as romantic tracts... try Ezekiel 23:20 or 2 Kings 8:12 if you like sex with donkeys & violent mass abortions

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government reading private emails alleged to protect "intellectual property rights" is a total lie as CISPA is Mike Rogers & Michael Powell fronts for their religious agenda pretending they are defending our nation...they ARE BOTH THEOCRATS eager to obtain abortion or marriage equality discussions by anyone and the law is presented as "voluntary?" THE FBI is doing next to nothing to stop religious nuts from bombing abortion clinics & allowed 9 doctors to be killed never monitoring the emails of Scott Roeder or David Leach or Randall Terry or Paul Hill.... Michelle Richardson is the TRUE PATRIOT defending real America NOT THE VATICAN brainwashing control interests 843-926-1750 @VoteLarryDis114

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Rep Conyers & Rep Kucinich had 96 votes for HR 676 Medicaid for anyone who needs it when Reid Pelosi shoved the killer insurance company bill down all Democrats throats....if we could have passed it this session it would fix Obombacare... perhaps the US Sup Ct will "fix" the compulsion to buy over priced private insurance?

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Dennis & Elizabeth would make fine citizens in any American District. Iowa requires two year residency. Apparently Washington has a much smaller time limit. If there is a labor community that wants a champion, Dennis is top of the list. He is not perfect, he caved on Obombercare, but he has proven himself a populist, set a standard for ethics & service to constituents, not to mention world peace advocacy. It is alarming that Washington Democratic Party leadership is cold to an offer of energy & wisdom to one of 3 open seats? 843-926-1750 @VoteLarryDis114 UNIONS SAVE LIVES & unions need great fighters like the Honorable Mayor Congressmember Kucinich

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all exempt properties should be taxed that are not owned by governments..... and when the taxes are collected, at least 99 per cent of the money should be given pro rata equally to existing tax payers....If a county collects 100 million in new taxes and existing taxpayers are paying 300 million, that is a one third refund of taxes paid, which we were paying their share these evil freeloaders of all kinds don't pay... that includes Legion Halls which are competitors to tax paying bars & bistro's & pool halls, that includes religious hospitals which compete with for profit hospitals and DO NOT PROVIDE but a pittance IF AT ALL of Hill Burton care....843-926-1750 Dial An Atheist Larry Carter Center