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Mallory, I would take your Art History class and write kick ass papers under your tutelage. I just need you to know this.

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My redheaded boyfriend was on a bus, and a woman whispered to him while she touched his hair "your kind will be extinct by 2018" and he said "are you going to get rid of all the redheads?" She got up and sat next to someone else. He likes to jokingly call himself a pureblood because both his parents, his brother, and two grandparents have red hair. My dad and my grandma had red hair, too, but it went dark brown before my dad had his 1st grey hair at 50.

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I never thought of this before, but YES!!!

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Thank you for making me cry happy tears.

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I went to school with one such Byron, but he has an Amish beard now and it is soooo tragic. (And I love beards)

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Oh, Oneida! In AP US History I thought they were fascinating, too. I made a FB group a few years later for the class (when we were in college) to keep in touch called Free Love and Silverware. At first it was just us, and then after it died out but still existed, people who were related to the members of the Oneida community joined it, and I felt really bad and had to explain that this was just a joke, sort of, but really a collection of dorky historically minded college students--and not descendants and/or true believers.

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Thank you so much for writing about this unspoken part of Charleston. I was born and raised in West Ashley and honestly, I don't visit often due to a mix of personal reasons and a constant sense of unease around race and history. I love the land and the ocean with all my heart (even the damn paper mill smell that can engulf the pluff mud). I think that many Charlestonians new and old feel like you do, but then again, there are people in power like Glenn McConnell, onetime state legislator who led the real estate charge to oust the African American community from Upper King Street (he's now the President of College of Charleston and seems to be the only person that can sort out the fights between the City of Charleston and the College--unfortunately) to those that built up neighborhoods in Johns Island and now want an interstate extension to the island that will ruin property values of working class families in West Ashley. I might be in Georgia, but clearly my heart and soul are still in a flooded version of Market Street, caught in a high tide and a rain storm. Also, your "neighbor" sounds like he's adapted to the Charleston snobbery (some call it charm?) right quick!

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This is why you don't besiege your grandma, right? Because she will make you disappear?

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Sad Kit Harrington just found out that his character, Jon Snow, did not invent oral sex, as George RR Martin had written.

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"Sad Kit Harington looks like a black cocker spaniel who needs to pee, but it’s raining outside and he doesn’t want to get his little paws wet" I will put your little paws in little boots and hoist an umbrella of protection for you, sad spaniel.