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I'd just like to shoot in that while you're in Oslo, Queer days are happening! I won't be there, but be sure to ask whoever you stay with about the, and see if there's anything you'd like to do.

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That sounds worse than Ikea!

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Oh L-space. I think everyone has experienced going into a library you think you know, and then ending up in a completely unfamiliar section.
"What kind of language is this? How do I get back?"
And only the librarian knows how to get back to it.

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I didn't realise what the glowing letters resembled before this read through. Old magical neon lights!

One reason i really enjoy the scene with Vetinari is that I really like fantasy which deals with with the political stuff, and though I agree with Mark and wouldn't call him a villain, he is still someone who seems to always have the psycological upper hand, so things work out the way he wants them to. It's one of the reasons I really like GoT, because it goes into the nitty gritty details behind the big battles and dragons.


(About Vetinari, plus spoiler for ToT and NW)
Irgvanev vfa'g irel fvzvyne gb gur punenpgre vagebqhprq va gPbZ, ohg gur avpr guvat jura na nhgube vagebqhprf gvzr-geniry vf gung lbh pna onfvpnyyl whfg fueht bss jura gur pbagvahrgl qbrfa'g znxr frafr.

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V nterr jvgu jung n ybg bs bgure crbcyr unir fnvq nobhg qjnes traqre abg orvat irel jryy qrsvarq ol Cengpurgg, ohg vg'f fgvyy bar bs zl snibhevgr pbaprcgf sbe n irel fvzcyr ernfba. Vg fubjf gung pbafgevpgvat traqreebyrf ner onq ab znggre jung. Bsgra lbh trg fgbevrf nobhg jbzra jnagvat gb or noyr gb qb jung zra qb, vg bsgra srryf n ovg qvfzvffvir bs jung vf genqvgvbanyyl pbafvqrerq srzvavar gb zr. ol univat gb svtug sbe gur evtug gb orunir "srznyr", jungrire lbh zrna ol gung jbeq.

Vg nyfb bcraf hc sbe gur cbffvovyvgl bs fnzr-frk eryngbafuvc va na vaqverpg jnl va gur frevrf orsber Cengpurgg npghnyyl vapyhqrf vg rkcyvpvgyl. (V unira'g ernq gur yngrfg obbxf, ohg gur bayl ersreraprf V pna erpnyy evtug abj vf n frk-rfgnoyvfuzrag jvgu gur erznex "gur haangheny vf bayl angheny", naq gur pbhcyr va ZE. Nalbar jvgu bgure rknzcyrf?)

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Nyy gur zber gbhpuvat naq zrnavatshyy jura Flovy orpbzrf "guvf jbzna vf n pvgl".

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I like the idea of a secret brotherhood of incompetence. Note also that it is very much a *brother*hood. They might as well have gone down to the pub to complain about womenfolk, and you would get the same kind of grumbling.

I also love how "the city is a woman"-metaphor gets taken way too far.

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I don't think there is any spoilers anymore, but for forms sake I'll answer rot13 with rot13.
Jr qb gung va Abejnl gb, gubhtu abg gb gur qreterr bs ynathntr fzvguf va Vprynaq. Fceåxeåqrg gevrf gb vairag nygreangvirf, ohg zbfgyl oraq gb choyvp bcvavba. Fb jr unir jbeqf yvxr r-cbfg vafgrnq bs r-znvy, ohg vagreargg vafgrnq bs ireqfiri. Gur yngrfg jbeq V pna guvax bs vf rzarxantt sbe unfugnt, yvggnenyyl zrnavat gbcvp ubbx (yvxr gur bar lbh unat lbhe pybgurf ba). Vg unfa'g pnhtug ba lrg, ohg V nz n fgebat nqibpngr sbe vg.

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I can see your point in there, but to me I'll prefer the norwegian one, partly because of nostalgia, but mostly because it's a very good translation. No matter what his opinion was, I think he still did his job very well. And if the work is good, I can just ignore the intent behind.

My father told me that he read LotR when he was young, and when he read it later for my older brother he couldn't believe how much easier and better the language was. And when I read it as very young it was absolutely not fazed by any names or strange language (other than the usual, it's Tolkien after all). So I am 100% behind you on that translation.

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About norwegian language:
Obxzåy vf onfvpnyyl jung gur hccrepynff fcbxr va Abejnl nsgre sbhe uhaqerq lrnef bs qnavfu ehyr, naq fbzrbar onfvpnyyl fnvq, jr arrq gb unir bhe bja ynathntr orpnhfr angvbanyvfz! Yrgf gnxr gur bar rirelbar vf yrneavat va fpubby naljnl, gnxr bhg gur jrveq fghss naq fcevaxyr jvgu abejrtvna jbeqf!

Alabefx vf jung lbh trg jura fbzrbar ryfr jnag gb qb gur rknpg bccbfvgr, naq geniryf nyy bire Abejnl (rkprcg gur abegu, orpnhfr onq ebnqf, oneonevnaf naq Fnzv crbcyr) naq gevrf gb svther bhg jung "erny" abejrtvna vf ol yvfgravat gb qvnyrpgf naq fghqlvat byq Abefr (ntnva; angvbanyvfz!) cyhf yrnavat urnivyl ba uvf bja qvnyrpg (orpnhfr vg'f boivbhfyl gur orfg qvnyrpg)gb chg gbtrgure n pbzcyrgryl pbafgehpgrq ynathntr.
I'm a bit into language history. Can you tell.

About Harry Potter:
Hogwarts is Galtvort, and it probably works better because norwegian is closer in the language family to english than finnish. There are so many examples of translated names:
Ron Weasley = Ronny Wiltersen
Hermoine Granger = Hermine Grang
McGonnagle = McSnurp
Dumbledore = Humlesnurr
Horocrux = Malacrux
And my two favourites:
Quidditch = Rumpeldunk
Snitch = Snopp (Which was either an obscure innuendo popularised by Harry Potter, or it becaume a nickname after the books had their success. Think private male part.)