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The interviewer asked sensible questions and then allowed Rees-Mogg to answer without interruption or talking over him. Certain media types see interviews as a platform for their own views rather than a chance to get answers from the interviewee.

Perhaps, like many, you prefer a familiar voice.

I am glad we did not have to suffer Emily Maitlis, Piers Morgan, or James O’Brien on the Moggcast.

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Well plod has been completely useless for a very long time now. Cressida Dick made a huge error that would end most careers. Instead, she is unaccountably Britain’s senior policeman. She is also a Common Purpose graduate.

Many crimes such as burglary, shoplifting and robbery are now routinely ignored by the police but they often find time to poke their noses into irrelevant internet disagreements or to pick on soft targets.

It reminds me of the American paleoconservative theme of anarchotyranny
“We refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).”

Government looking after the interests of elites and ignoring the needs of the general population.

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Many homeless people prefer to stay well away from the troublesome element they can encounter in homeless shelters.

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What about all the unwelcome illegals that turn up on the back of lorries or in small boats.

Time to get tough with them. Imprisonment on a Scottish island, or naval vessels forcing the boats to turn around or be sunk would be a start.

More support for the Greeks too. Turks are using proxies to invade. Time for live rounds to be used on those flagrantly attempting to illegally enter Greek sovereign territory

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Him again.

It’s a shame he would not consider full isolation - including an online presence.

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Anything that Sad Dick has a hand in turns out badly.

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I still see the empty shelves. I have been to the Epsom Sainsbury now famed for the old man with a list and empty shelves. I have been to Tesco too and Waitrose and Lidl and Aldi. There are still empty shelves. I did manage to find toilet rolls in Iceland, but dried pasta, along with other items, is nowhere to be seen.

So I don’t know where matey shops but I prefer to trust my own findings rather than accept his contradictory notion that panic buying is simply a ‘claim.

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RIP. He was my MP.

I did not know a great deal about him though I had some correspondence with him on transport issues.

I think it did not help him at Election time that he never became a Kingston resident.

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It will not ‘merely grow’.

We leave on WTO terms and we address the Coronavirus as it affects us as a fully independent nation state.

Coronavirus is yet another excuse for Continuity Remain to continue to battle.

Barnier is hors de combat anyway so we might as well leave on WTO terms and let the EU get used to it.