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Good word... but hard to follow. Most of the time I've gone to conferences because I wasn't happy with the "me" I was being. I don't seem very successful in reaching lost people, building relationships, and so on being "me." All my life I've wanted to be someone else.

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We have been putting off having another child for several years. Our first (and only) is seven. I'm a youth pastor with youth pastor pay. My wife works full-time so we can have insurance. We live in a two bedroom apartment. There are so many reasons why we shouldn't have another.

So, last week we threw caution to the wind (I'll be 36 in two weeks... I ain't getting any younger) and decided we are going to go for it. I'm tired of waiting and watching life go by.

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The best thing the church does is invite people to become a part of it.

The worst thing we do is invite people to be a part of it ALL THE TIME!

We have too many services. Too many bible studies. Too many small groups. Too many meetings. Too many Harvest Parties (please!). Too many...!!!

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"You might just have a family, health, and relationships that reek of Jesus."

That is all I want. I have learned that all the things I want to control are meaningless and pathetic. The only thing that needs to be controlled in my life is me, and to be controlled not by me but by Christ.

Please Lord, let it be.

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Awesome. Still hoping to get in!

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Have you been reading my mind? After 13 years of ministry, 12 years of marriage, and 7 years as a Father I have been feeling like a complete failure. Nothing has happened like I had hoped. I can't afford to buy my kid a bike. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. They both deserve, sooooo much better than me.

Thanks for being transparent.

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You said: "They need to understand that the church does not exist to conform to their personal tastes and emotional desires. "

I think teens will learn that as soon as adults do. I expect adults to be more accepting of various musical styles and methods than teenagers just because, well... they are adults! They should be more mature! However, I've seen adults walk out of a worship service because the teen worship team/band was leading worship, but I've never seen a teenager walk out of "big church" because they "big church" worship team was ministering.

Ask yourself - who, in the church, are really the ones who are more hardheaded where personal tastes and desires are concerned?

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You better appreciate that woman everyday of your life.

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We are having financial issues. Too much debt. A house we moved out of 2 1/2 years ago hasn't sold, and now we are in foreclosure. We acknowledge our mistakes and sin in our finances, and now we are asking God for help.

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I'd have to say TV too - or at least the cost of cable. We just don't need it. If I can find a good indoor antenna (I live in an apartment) that will give us at least some local channels I think we might pull the plug for good.