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£50 Millionair, Margaret Hodge is the EMBODIMENT of all that the 'Frankfurt School of Marxism' has produced in its bid to change Britain forever, without parliamentary debate or democratic public approval.
No to 'Frankfurt School of Marxism' !
YES to ' British School of Nationalism ', British National Party , 6th May 2010 X .

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The substitution of the word 'White', for 'Black', gives an interesting analogy of the real illness in the spirit of this country. For example heres a health anology:
The immune system helps the body defend against various microbes and pollutants. However, the immune system itself can have various failings. An impaired immune system is called immunocompromise (OR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS) and can leave the body vulnerable to various viral, bacterial, or fungal opportunistic infections. Causes of immune deficiency can include various illnesses such as viruses, chronic illness, or immune system illnesses ( OR LIB/LAB/CON for short ! ). BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BY VOTING BNP on 6th May 2010. X

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* A culture is merely a reflection of the people who make up the majority of the population in an area. A people create a culture, or, conversely put, a culture does not make a people.
The replacement of Britain’s First World population through mass Third World immigration will inevitably lead to the replacement of Britain’s First world culture.
The evidence of this process is all around, open for all to see except those who are deliberately blind '.

Dont let them have it, VOTE BNP on 6th May 2010. X

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The Daily Smearer, never knowingly under-smeared !

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My Vote - Always and Forever X .

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Tsunami ? More like a Punctuated Equilibrium Event, like the Asteroid that ended the Dinosaurs (LIbLabCon) !

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Something strange happening today. Not one of the opposition parties to Gordon Brown, has laid a finger or comment on him and Labour regarding the disgraceful treatment of that Mrs Duffy in Rochdale. She dared to mention the ' Immigration ' word and he accused her of being a Bigot. And the reason this is so, is because to speak out against Brown would attract attention to their own parties immigration policies. Therefore there is still a censoring at high level of discussion on this the most important subject causing the biggest change in the population of Britain since 1066, without parliamentary debate, or democratic public approval. DONT LET THEM SUPPRESS YOU LIKE THEY DID MRS DUFFY. Vote BNP 6TH May, X.

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Brilliant interview with our Nick.

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One would need more than a magnifying glass to see any difference in the Conservatives policies on immigration compared to its fellow members of the LIBLAB-CON. Even if one was to use the Hubble Space Telescope, there would still not be any sign of a hair breadths of difference. But one things for sure. You DONT need a telescope to see that there is 1 MILLION new immigrants coming into this country every year. Year in, Year out. They want your Homes, they want your Jobs and Businesses, THEY WANT YOUR COUNTRY. All one needs to do, is put your X against the BNP candidate in the General Election to stop it !

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Lethal Bizzle, is now being hunted down by a Legal Eagle, and will soon be brought to ground and start to Dribble & Fizzle !