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It definitely sounds very interesting. But what about taxi drivers? There are hundreds of them in every city. They would protest about losing their jobs..
I think it is a great idea, but why not introducing a model that needs a driver? That would be more fair..

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Oh my, so there are still people who cannot see what is going on..

So according to you, WB, cars and industries and waste do not exist at all? How can you deny that humanity has releashed huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, which causes the green-house effect?

I don't get it really, that is the first thing they teach us at school. It's called CAUSE and EFFECT.
You can go study, mr Scientist, and then please come back to talk with us. Oh, and do mention your age.

no offence.

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Yes, solar energy hitting the Earth's surface per day WOULD be enough to sustain human population for 1 year IF the whole amount was collected by devices and saved to be used. But most of solar energy is absorbed by plants, which is perfectly rational and totally needed for us to survive.
Plus, you should take into consideration the ammount of sun-rays (thus solar energy and heat) that has to be reflected and get back in space.
Moreover, we should always have in mind that we have not developed the technology required to collect solar energy as we should have. Thus, even if the daily amount of solar energy coming to Earth was to be used only by humans and was not to leave the atmosphere, we would still be unable to use it.

In short, only a very specific amount of solar energy can be saved and used as Alternative Sources of Energy. That is why the Earth could never possibly sustain 6 billion people without fossil fuels.

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Thank you so much for the comment. I am happy we have the same ideas. Your blog is very interesting.
Unfortunately, I don't have much time to co-operate with many blogs. Thanks a lot for the invite, I will try to get in touch in the future.
For now, it's Green Blog for me.

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Indeed. I have read in an article that if all people on the planet lived like the average American, we would need five planets to cover our needs. And if everyone lived like the average European, we would need three planets..

We only have one though...

thanks for the comment :-)