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Remember when the I-90 bridge sank after the DOT used the pontoons to store waste water?

Think the same guys are in charge?

The DOT under Paula Hammond and Christine Gregoire has been a disaster. remember the "waste on the water" problem with the ferries? How about the minority contractor cheating/graft problems?

Are we "Good to Go" yet? What, still having problems with the bridge tolling?

How many screw ups does Paula Hammond get before Gregoire takes action?

Thank God we will have a new governor next year.

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So, there is this arena in Kent (ShoWare) that is a real benefit for the community. [/sarcasm] It is about right for a basketball court. It is just a stones throw away from the Sounder rail line.

What is wrong with it?

I bet Hansen can get a team in there for far less than the $200M he is asking the taxpayers for.

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The really sad thing is that our local Republican party has become very dysfunctional.

The party has been taken over by the extreme religious right to whom compromise is a foul word. Democrats are the devil. Always.

Rather than taking to the streets and trying to sell their ideas to the public and attracting moderate candidates, they sit in their basements and whine about that awful Obama and that awful Gregoire. All their efforts are spent trying to expel those that disagree.

The result is no challengers of merit in most of King County. Who do they have to run against Bob Ferguson? Who will challenge Dow Constantine? At the state level, who do they have to run against Maralyn Chase?

After redistricting, I am now in the 46th district. All the democrats have introduced themselves to me. Not one republican. Why? Do they really not want my vote? Is there a 46th district republican group? Are they not willing to open their doors to their new neighbors?

With the election only a few months away, the chance that there will be any change in representation at the county or state level is zilch.

What a shame. When one party defaults, there is no democracy. There is no debate. There is no real representation.

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I used to like Cantwell, too. Until her war vote.

The most important vote a senator will ever cast is to authorize war. I expect my senator to research the need for such action. I expect her to be able to justify to me why she is willing to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians, and send thousands of our young people to their deaths.

Maria Cantwell did not do this. She did zero research. She couldn't be bothered to read even the summary of the security report. And when confronted, could not explain her choice of action.

Put simply, Maria Cantwell did not do her job at the most critical event in her life. She continues to cast her shame upon all of us.

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Suckling from the federal tit is not a sustainable funding mechanism.

Tacoma, and many other municipalities need to get their costs under control and their budgets in balance.

I could care less about saving jobs. Saving jobs should be at the bottom of the list of why we spend public tax dollars.

What I do care about is reasonable police and fire protection and reasonable tax rates. If these firefighters are really needed to protect the community, the local community should have found a way to pay for them.

If the federal bailout was just about inflating the payroll, for shame on Maria Cantwell and the city managers that whined.

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All is in the eye of the beholder.

We are all responsible for our own reactions to what we see. The water fountain with the boy and man at the SAM sculpture garden is a prime example. Some see art in the joy of a boy and man playing in the water, some even going so far as to ascribe a familiar relationship (father/son) to the statue. Others are offended, ascribing sinful behavior and devious mind set to the artist because he displays a nude man and child together.

Some will look at this woman and see joy in her survival of a dreaded disease, a celebration of will and determination in the face of mortality.

Others can only gasp at the disfigurement and feel shame at having viewed her exposed body.

We all choose how we look at what our eyes see. For myself, I feel sorrow at the shallowness of our collective judgement of another person's pain.

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There are no public pools in Kenmore. There used to be a pool at St. Edwards St. Park, but they closed it because of funding problems.

Anyway, Kenmore is only a stones throw away from Seattle. Most of us that live in Kenmore identify with Seattle to some degree. As a reporter/editorialist that works at a Seattle based television/radio station, Ken is doing his job writing about Seattle issues.

Besides, nothing ever happens in Kenmore.

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Is Sarah Palin off the list? Wouldn't she be a great VP candidate? After all, Willard Mitt Romney's greatest foreign policy concern is Russia and she can see it from her house!

Actually, I am rooting for Rick Santorum.

Let's not forget that Newt is available, too!

And what about The Donald? He is still in the running, isn't he?

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Great idea.

Now, if it can be turned on remotely ...

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Sounds like a Shakespeare tragedy in modern times.

Can't wait for the "Law and Order" version of this tale!