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Well, basically I dislike talking on the phone for the same reason - plus it keeps usually my hand I hold the phone with from doing something else than something as not that useful as that. Plus phone is time-linked while IMs are not - that's why I dislike videochats and prefer IM to both, phone and them. A part of my brain is constantly thinking about something entirely different and/or watching the surroundings, listening, picking up phrases whispered on the wind or something alike. While on the phone. Surfing the net and almost bored to death when only talking and doing nothing besides it. Smoking and walking back and forth usually is an option for a short phonecall, drinking coffee with that for a medium one. I perceive, the less limitation I have in my doings the better I can do what I do. At least 2 things at once, haven't counted the most yet but you inspired me to do that. :D

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Yeah. That's basically the flaw I always sensed but never could describe. With all the consequences of this boobytrap.

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Well, I still use the terms "some" and "many" and "enough". That is where I do neither need nor want precision. I have been bugged with numbers most of my life, be it time or counting. And meanwhile I don't get why I should not just turn away from that. I enjoy not to be bothered one mouth more or less to feed at my party or coming over at noon, instead of precisely 11:45 - I think we make too much a system out of what surrounds us and it kind of bores me to death. ;)

But back to the point, it is ONE concept of many. Not the ONLY concept. Have you ever tried to describe a feeling, a taste or a melody with that? The most important things are not mathematicalizable, I think. That is why I am not impressed. <span class="idc-smiley"><span style="background-position: -12px 0pt;"><span>:D</span></span></span>

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Every complex system that works evolved from a simple system that worked. I do not see that markets indeed work. I consider free markets working quite illusionary on that point. Wishful thinking. Void bless randomness. Ahoy!

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"Mathematics do no describe reality, they merely provide the concept we need to do so."

Nop. One of many we can use, not _the_ concept. ;) Sorry, but on this I have to insist.

I think I dislike mathematics because of the fact that stripping something to a processing level doesn't impress me a lot. And because of the many numbers of course. ;)

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Well of course they believe. XD In demons who eat their money, in an afterlife after crisis and the blessed words of the tie priests from the temple of Mammon. People tend more to believe in what they do than to do what they believe in. So no f-cking wonder that they came to believe this when they live by it long enough. Dosen't make it better though. Shifting the guilt and responsibility to someone else does not make it any better. Be it a god, be it a state. In times like these I am not surprised that 5 out of 31 parties for EU-election are "christian" or "biblic" or something like that. People want someone perfect in charge and someone who's ways are so mysterious that even mistakes are benevolent and planned for a greater good. It's as lame as the 5 "generationists" parties consisting of retired old people. Of course they have the right to, but wtf are they going to do in the EU-council? Do they really expect to make politics and laws of tomorrow with the mindframes of yesterday? We need a change here..

"The System.. has failed."
---Megadeth ;)

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This reminds me of this: :D Yeah, the marketing stuff is basically no longer about communications but about deriving from the truth and that's what sucks. It's the question "how many?" not "what way?" or "what was necessary to do?" - and this will sooner than later bring the end of the market as we know it. Just as privatisation has. It seems strange that this all went well (I am not sure - well or to hell) so long in the first place..

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As far as I know, DirectX 11 will be OS-Independant and OGL compatible, have read some articles about that in German recently. Would be great if the Game Developers see this as a chance. :)

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Glad to hear that. :]

But well - that idea is surely not mine, it is just fact that money (at least today) has no or little value - unless you have a silver dollar. ;) The main issue about money - and I think this goes ethics is - that it has no quality but quantity and mankind always loved something to have both.

Besides, I am not belittling capitalism - I just question the way of its perception and a nice and paved way as a solution to a riddle that is not there. I think nothing is that easy that there are rights and wrongs and that's it. To have a look at the differences - besides making people think (at least some of them maybe) - is why I am here and semijoined this discussion.

I do not belittle one thing more than another. In the end we will all end up dead. The marxists as much as the capitalists as much as the latent feudalists or the non-ists. Difference will vanish in dust and bones and whatever is left of us. Everything is little, no need to belittle it. Everything but wisdom and inventivity. And wisdomism is not popular yet, so we keep inventing strange things by the day. ;)

Again, Just thoughts.

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You most likely believe to have quite a good idea of my world view, knowledge or experience with (insert topic here). Based on what? Just curious. :P Just because I tell what I have seen _on purpose_ in a certain light and comment that OR because I do not share certain points of view it does not mean I know jack shit about it. ;)

Maybe the things important to me are so far from what your ideology is, that I just do not have the interest in giving that so much thought anymore. Interesting that you started assuming (or should I say "guessing") my point of experience instead of writing something that has to do what I have said. Very interesting. And a little disappointing.