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I am far too witches to sniffle in my cube. Nope.

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Yep! Proof: this cover of I'm On Fire by a genuine (adorable) lesbian.

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Oooh. They really need to clarify that.

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Silver/gold maxi skirt information of vital importance: I called the Free People store near me to see if they had it, and they didn't, but they said if I ordered it through the store it would be free shipping, so I did. Turns out it's also down to 50 bucks if you order it through a physical store! They still ship it to your own address and everything, also.

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Maps of airports...that is a wonderful idea that will be making an appearance in my Travel Folder of Doom and I salute you as well.

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I finally tried bubble tea for the first time a few weeks ago...I'm pretty sure everyone who saw the look on my face upon slurping up my first boba got quite the treat.

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Yes! I only a couple of years ago, after many stressful trips with both family and friends, figured out that I need to be an Excel spreadsheet-level planner to really be able to enjoy myself. I'm not an absolute stickler about following said spreadsheet if something better presents itself, but worrying ahead of time about all the details of where to go, the relevant timetables, how to get there, and acceptable places to eat (including reservations, if needed), at the minimum, lets me chill the fuck out in the moment and actually have fun. Spontaneity? That's right here on the schedule from 3-4! Granted, you have to have traveling companions who are cool with it to at least some degree, but so far it's worked awesomely for my travel anxiety. YMMV, of course.

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After I read A Handmaid's Tale for the first time as a wee thing in the 90's, I had a nightmare about being prosecuted for murder for having a miscarriage. I just kinda laughed at my brain because it was so farfetched. Welp.

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I had the most timely annoyed conversation with a lady on my floor at work this morning; she mentioned that she saw me wearing my new pretty blue coat and said that it was pretty and blue.
Me: "Thanks! I totally stalked it and got it on 50 percent off clearance!"
Her: "You shouldn't say that...just say thanks. No one needs to know that, and you shouldn't downgrade compliments."
Me: "Umm...I'm not downgrading anything. I'm super happy and proud and bragging."
Because seriously, who the hell thinks that getting an awesome coat at half off the clearance price is not something to be bragged about? I don't understand some people.

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