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Nice try with the cut-and-paste, but no cigar. Do not confuse what the Bible reports with what it condones, or project what was selectively, temporally required of prefigurative, national ancient Israel to have become an unfocused, ongoing mandate.

Note also the application:

The Sanhedrin that executes one person in seven years is called "murderous." Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah says that this extends to one execution in seventy years. Rabbi Tarfon and Rabbi Akiva say, "If we had been among the Sanhedrin, no one would ever have been executed." Makkoth 7a

Many of your other (plagiarized) accusations are patently absurd ("encourages war", "abandoning the sick"); these are thoroughly addressed elsewhere. The Qur'an and Sunnah do not require distortions and semantic gymnastics for such portrayals. They are quite clear about what is required, once chronology and al nasikh wa al mansukh are properly understood.

Historical praxis is material for proper interpretation. Jews and Christians do not currently do the things Muslims do. It really is that simple.

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"did the leader just woke up one morning and decided to wage this attack?"
CAUSE: What Muslims always do (e.g. East Turkestan Islamic Movement, East Turkestan Liberation Organization, Turkistan Islamic Party, jihad or threat of the same)
RESPONSE: What the Chinese always do (kicka_s with steel boots, aka "massacres" against Uighur Muslims).
You might want to stick to demography in that neck of the woods.

As to your slur against Christianity, and you brought this on yourself, the metaphors correspond to a spiritual economy too profound for your limited Muslim brain to comprehend, the imbibition and ingestion relating to identification with Jesus' life and death, and productive animation unto his good works, reflective of those truly chosen to receive that life. Again, too complicated for you, so just keep looking up schematics for suicide bombs. That's your only "guarantee".

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I certainly had the same thought. It wasn't just that the prior uprisings (circa September, 2008) happened there, it was the strange coincidence of revisitation of the special privileges issue on the heels of the contamination that seemed to want to imply responsibility, perhaps as a veiled threat of future repercussions for noncompliance with the will of Allah. I hope JBS discovers the source. 380,000 lbs of beef is not chicken feed.

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Since this row about BBC coverage of the riots and protests is just a smoke screen to avoid discussion of the real problem, I would like to propose the answer to the real Iranian problem:


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Good point. Yes, nameless, faceless, hateful hordes of Islamophobes clamoring in the streets. Why can't they just accept the peaceful Sunnah? "You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe...."

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It's always amusing that we get more worked up about election fraud than about despotic governments that don't let their citizens vote at all.

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One hopes that in order to successfully prevent a nuclear strike from Iran, that Israel does not have to first strike D.C.

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"They are going to have a very difficult time of it for sure," said Gladney, a professor at the Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College in California.

Yes, I'm sure the necks in Palau are much tougher to slice than in their native lands. Probably will just wear blisters on their hands trying to decapitate them.

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Dear Government of Bermuda,

Thank you for taking these murderers and murdering wannabees off of our American hands. I hope you understand, however, that from this point forward, I will not be able to visit, vacation, patronize, pass through or even stop at port at your beautiful island. Nothing personal.

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Jesus is (not was) NOT a Muslim. The suggestion is patently offensive. If ever there was a hate crime, it is this woman and her demonic Qur'an saying this about Jesus.

Allah is not YHWH. Allah is exclusively transcendent to a catastrophic fault, wickedly arbitrary and capricious, and not bound by his word (i.e. a liar). Allah's best gift is an eternal priapism with endless deflowerings and pederasty. YHWH is transcendant and eminent, just, reasonable, loving and honors his word. YHWH's reward for the faithful is their seeing his face and worshipping him forever.

NO history of Islam predates the 7th century. None. There is no basis for an Ishmailic pedigree for Mohammed. The whole thing is a collosal fraud perpetrated by Satan himself.