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The one thing I really wonder is... WHY are we all still here? We waited 5 months for that. WHY did we wait 5 months? Why didn't we just forget about this site entirely? What is that force that keeps drawing us here, regularly checking for any sign of life in this comatose state Halolz has been in for the pas few years? Why are we holding on?

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If you take a human being, and one by one replace all of his limbs by robotic prosthesis, does that make him not human anymore? Let's go further and replace his heart by a pump, his lungs by a pneumatic breather, his digestive tract by a chemical bio energy assimilator that provides energy for all the aforementioned machinery, his tongue, his eyes, his ears! At which point does the cyborg stop being, at his core, a human being? Albeit a heavily modified one. Eventually, we might even be able to replace his brain with a processor initialized with a perfect imprint of his personality. Would he still not be, deep down, the same man he has always been throughout all of these operations?

This game, despite all the modifications it's been forced through, has always been and always will be a fan game about MLP:FIM.

This demonstration brought to you by Isaac Asimov, thank you very much.

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And once again, Derpy steals the show with the most horrifying costume of all. A costume representing something so terrible, so traumatizing that although it happened three years ago, some people are still living in denial and pretend it never happened.

Also, Angel beat yet again his own record for the meanest thing he's ever done to Fluttershy.

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The problem that I have is that we treat fanservice as the big bad wolf, the one absolutely evil thing that must be avoided at all costs. But it is not. Fanservice is NOT a bad thing. Fanservice only becomes bad when the creators of a show use it to try and cover for their shortcomings. When they have no more story to tell, no more joke to make.

I love metaphorical comparisons so let's have one: Creating a show is like cooking. There are A LOT of things that go into making a good meal/show. The ingredients (intrigue, characters), the choice of ustensils (animation tools, voice acting), the way you cook it (art style, ambiance), the way each dish has a specific place in the meal (pacing, episodic buildup), and much, MUCH more. It's important to note that you can use literally dozens of condiments to give your creationg more taste. For some dishes, most cook will tell you that you NEED to put some salt, and maybe a pinch of pepper (humor, emotion) but really every combination is possible if you've got a bit of imagination and know-how.

And among all these condiments, fanservice is but one type of spice, a rather exotic one. It adds an absolutely unique taste to the ensemble, that no other condiment can immitate. It can transform a good dish into an absolutely exquisite one.
The only problem is that we've seen some cooks lacking on meat and vegetables to cook with, or who only had stale and mouldy ones, try to save their dish by drowning it in fanservice. Terrible error, a spice can enhance a good dish, and it CAN hide the taste of a bad one for a while, but it can never save it entirely. Those who've experienced it remember the foul aftertaste it leaves in their mouth.
And that's when we have a problem not on the cook's side, but on the eater's side. Because of that awful aftertaste, they remember that spice, fanservice, and mentally associate it with the taste of stale ingredients, undercooking, rusty ustensils etc. They treat that one spice as the responsible for everything that went wrong in the kitchen. And that is just unfair.

Try to forget any bad past experience you might have had. Fanservice is not evil. Fanservice is a wonderful thing, if done correctly. And so far, the people at DHX have been using expertly. I'll agree that lately, they seem to be using a lot of it, but quantity is not a matter in itself, as long as the main dish under it is still good.

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I'm generally not into merchandise, goodies, etc. I just don't see the point. The only pony objects I posess area fluttershy toy a a brony friend got me for my birthday, and a few blind bag ponies that commemorate meetups.
I just don't go out of my way to buy something that is not of vital importance.
With that being said, if one day while wandering a mall or a market I stumbled upon a pony themed t-shirt, or something like that, I would probably buy it immediately. I guess you could say I'm an impulse buyer. I tend to never spend much money, so that the one moment I see a good occasion, I know I can afford it.

Oh, and if I had pony clothing, I would certainly wear it in my everyday life.

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Laides and gentlemen: Empathy. This episode was a huge lesson about something a lot people don't know. When someone you care for is experiencing a difficult situation, it's not about finding solutions, saying "it's not that bad" etc.

It's about creditting this person's grief, listening to their pain, letting them cry it all out, and joining them in grief. That person is sad, and nothing you can do or say will make her "unsad". The only thing there is to do is be sad with her.

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She obviously tracked down that one time Shining Armor made a donation to a sperm bank and used her royal relations (she wasn't yet princess at the time, but she was still Celestia's pupil) to recover the sample. And there's the result

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I think it's also because, thankfully, we don't get that many sexy cosplays at our cons. The sexy-side of the MLP fandom has the decency to stay on internet or at the very least on paper, where kids don't have to see it.

That said, on the subject of sexy cosplay, there is still something I can't help but wonder:
There are some costumes that were designed by their creators in order to be sexy. And then a fan can wear them as they are, to pay hommage to that thing they like. So far so good. Anyone harassing such a cosplayer is undoubtedly an asshole.

But then, there are cosplayers who spend extra effort to make their cosplay as sexy as possible while the original design wasn't anything special. They had the choice between being faithful to the original work, or change it, adapt it to be sexy and walk around wearing it. The fact that they chose the second option is not trivial. There is a reason behind it. I won't pretend I know these reasons (although I'm curious about it), and I'm not in any way trying to shame them for it. My point is, They made the decision to go out of the "normal" way and as such they should... no, they MUST steel themselves, because they WILL get abnormal reactions because of this.

Harassing sexy cosplayers is not okay in any way, but I think any cosplayer who wants to go out wearing something abnormally sexy has a responsibility to make sure she'll be ready to handle people misbehaving.

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Sorry but there's little to no way to know who wants to talk and who doesn't without, in fact, talking to them. If you go to some random people and start chatting and they're perfectly fine with that, then everything's all right. But if they don't want to speak to strangers, or just want to be alone for a while, then there will be at least one minute of general awkwardness trying to explain to you they don't want anything to do with you, and made more difficult by trying to stay polite and not hurt you. This happening once or twice is disagreable, but anyone can endure it.

However, make that happen every 15 minutes during the entire duration of the convention, there's a point where you just run out of stamina and can't take it anymore.

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It's a matter of ambiance and numbers. In "flirt parties" like you say, the ambiance is tame and there aren't that many people. In a convention, hundreds of nerds will happilly go all out crazy, break up in improptu sketches and songs, and all sorts of things that can be a lot of fun if you're in the right mood, but can just as well be extremely stressful for someone who's not used to that sort of thing.

And honestly, most people are NOT able to just tell someone to fuck off, they'll just try to be polite, answer and all while trying to get away. If this happens once or twice it's okay, but all day long with tens of people, the stress slowly accumulates until it's just too much, and that's when people will start shouting to fuck off, and when that happens, it's already too late.