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Your right. While all voices should be heard, it does not mean they have equal merit. They should be heard so that we can reject or accept them as rational. news_across has proven himself an irrational person through his comments, and so any further pseudo-quip from him should be ignored as senseless ranting.

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*shrug* I am more self-reliant than you are, apparently. I do not need to carry a dictionary around with me at all time and check every word I use with it. Your comment is a foolish one btw; as the merriam-webster definition is quite close to mine. The difference between mine and theirs is as the difference between one man saying: "my socks are saturated with water" from another man saying: "my soaks are soaked with water". Go back and read the comment more carefully. It was addressing the need for a military/warriors on a national level, not local.
I am at a disbelief that you missed that. In fact, I do not think you did. You were desperately trying to throw something out there to justify yourself, but instead made yourself look like a fool. I do not think you are a foolish person, so please, have more respect for yourself.

And the al queda operatives play the part of the sociopaths, remember, that kind of insanity in the islamic world is supposedly only 10% of the population.

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Its my call sign.
Warriors are those who are trained and skilled in the art of fighting and killing.
As to why they are needed, well it is very simple once you to take a moment to study people.
In any society there is a % of the total who are either sociopaths or simply stated: bad people who enjoy hurting other people. Experts are not sure the actual % but it is generally agreed to be around 2-10% of a population. In large populations of a million or more, this % can become quite large with a wide variety. This is a fact of nature, you cannot escape it or bred it out of the human race. Sometimes these sociopaths can be quite charming and gain political and or military power and become threats to other countries. Warriors of Country A protect the citizens of A or allied Country B from the sociopaths of Country C.
This is the reason that "World Peace" can never be. If achieved, it is only a matter of time before a political savvy sociopath gains power (as many sociopaths are described as being extremely charismatic, to know more research serial killers) militarize a certain group of people, and march over a defenseless world what had done away with their warriors, embraced peace and could no longer fight back.
BTW: news_across is an okay screen name, but the photo icon, hmm..... well, I won't be mean.....

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Great points. I think Emerson would give a nod to much of this. Warriors and philosophers are both equally needed and prized.

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lol! Guys, I don't think this guy is serious. His comment is too loony. He is just on here trying to see how many thumbs down he gets. Like those people who post: "OMG IS THIS REAL???" on The Onion videos posted on youtube.