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I hope she has an unforgettable party!

Pinkie Pie in 1992 (or at least a background pony that looks very much like her during a birthday party song in My Little Pony Tales).

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>I didn't think they would put demons in a MLP comic.

Did you see the reference to Gelding (Horse Castration) in issue #2 - ('Gelding Grotto' on the map) and Queen Chrysalis 'Splat!'-ing a kitten thing while the CMC screamed in #3? I think they passed the point where that would be an issue a bit ago.

Also MLP kinda has a tradition of involving demons look at G1 - there were demons everywhere and some like the 'Lava Demons' turned out to have a number of good 'demons' among their ranks.

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Maybe she's Twilight from the future disguised and using a better version of the time spell.

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I'm kinda meh on the design and concept - but personally I kinda wish this wasn't their 30th anniversary 'Tribute' as the article says it is.

YAY! To celebrate MLP's 30th anniversary - here is something that isn't Ponies! Really can't you throw a bone and like do a real tribute to the 30 years of the franchise?

Ok Hasbro,

Here's how you celebrate a 30th anniversary. Bring back some classics. And no we don't have the TM anymore BS since you've sidestepped it before with G1 'Cherries Jubilee' turning her into G4 'Cherry Jubilee' and Twilight's Mom based on G1 'Twilight' into 'Twilight Velvet'. What's there to stop you bringing back 'Firefly' as 'Firefly Bright', Fizzy as 'Fizzy Soda', or Minty since you still have the TM or the My Pretty Pony design. Heck even a Collectors Classic Pack would be cool but human hybrid things?

At least please have a 'Megan' in there somewhere! :p

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That Lyra header is beautiful and it makes me so sad. Damn it why did I have to notice the building in the background.

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No. No. It's the 'Book of Horrors' from G1 that popped up at the end isn't?

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Wow... That was kinda painful.
Also MLP has been at Comic-Con for a long time.... True they haven't made much of an impact but they have been there and selling Comic-Con exclusive Ponies since at least 2005. Also video completely miss-understands Bronies - not realizing that most of us are already greeks and read comics, play games, etc. Hell - the fandom first really came into existence on 4chan's '/co/ - COMICS & ANIMATION BOARD!!!' Then spread to /b/ with the /b/rony stuff and then the rest of the 'net.

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I love G1 - really disappointed by all the G1 hate people are ignorantly spewing. Remember G1 and it's characters were Lauren Faust's inspiration for FiM. FiM is more or less the two G1 cartoon mixed together and given a much higher production value.